Magic @ Work

Magic @ Work

Work can be one of the great gifts of being alive.

When you cultivate a culture inside your workplace that values joy, gratitude, contribution, and individual gifts,

You skip over TGIF to TGIMA
(Thank Goodness It’s Monday Again).

Imagine your team, coming to work happy and inspired, each person doing the work they were built for.

They’re excited to bring who they are to the table because they feel valued and appreciated in service of your greater vision.

Now imagine that it isn’t just your vision created in a vacuum or personal strategic weekend. Imagine what could be possible if the vision was created together, built into something bigger, more powerful, and much more sustainable than the sum of its parts.

Create A Collective Team Dream

Short-term team building or longer-term team coaching—the results you can expect are unparalleled.

You can define success together. I can help you get there.

Ask me about the island option

  • Create a definition of success on your terms
  • Connect, access, and celebrate individual leadership traits in service of the whole
  • Explore your company vision and mission as a future-focused collective
  • Increase self-motivation in your employees and team members
  • Co-create a culture of respect, mutual appreciation, and cohesive long-term goals
  • Incorporate wonder and the Methods of Magic into your daily routines

Joelle has an incredibly special gift. Her ability to lead groups through reflective and visionary dialog is not only productive, but transformative as well.

The benefits have been long-lasting and evident in our confidence as individual leaders within our organization, in our growth as a management team, and in our increasingly successful business. She has a special way of eliciting valuable contributions from each person present, and collaboratively organizing our ideas and intentions into a cohesive vision we all feel vested in.

We leave our time with Joelle grounded in our vision and inspired for the future. In these ways her intuitive and skillful facilitation has made an invaluable contribution to our continued growth and success.

Rachel D.

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Meet Joelle Prochera

Meet Joelle Prochera

Coach Joelle Prochera is a Certified Professional Life and Business Coach, global speaker, and award-winning writer.

She’s on a mission to open people to life’s magic and help them follow their own unique path to happiness, fulfillment, and flow.

Since 2002, Joelle has coached thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and seekers all around the world to achieve their most essential goals and dreams. She’s served as mentor-coach to hundreds of the top executive coaches in the world, coached leaders at over a dozen Fortune 500s (including some of the hottest tech companies in Silicon Valley), and served as faculty with The Global Institute for Leader Development, The Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, Ewomen Network, Peak Potentials, and Brian Johnson’s Entheos Academy for Optimal Living. She’s also served as a master coach for best-selling author and business guru Marcus Buckingham.

Coach Joelle would love to help you access the magic in your organization. Corporate engagements can be customized for your unique needs and circumstances.

Joelle Prochera came into our organization as a Coach and the results were wonderful!

The goal was to develop a comprehensive personnel plan, complete with job descriptions and a motivated staff.  The tall order was fulfilled by weekly coaching sessions for several weeks and then monthly follow-up and follow-through sessions with me as the manager.

One of the most significant parts of the coaching experience was when Joelle came into the organization and facilitated three in-service staff training sessions described to create “buy-in” using an interactive team approach.  Each session was individually tailored to meet the needs of the staff and to accomplish the overall goal of achieving teamwork and commitment.

Joelle Prochera’s gift is group facilitation and training.  She made the sessions experiential, involving the body and mind.  Her ability to embody her message in the bodies, as well as the heart of the staff, was nothing short of masterful.

KC Miller

Founder, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

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