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Welcome To The World Of Wonder – You Are Here

You are HERE.

Welcome and hello!

I could not be more excited that you have arrived HERE in this magical moment at the front edge of the adventure of your life. (For real – it’s all that and more.)

Chances are, you’ve found your way here because, you’ve either received The Call from the universe to become more fully you, to step into your path of meaning and purpose, to know Life and witness its magic…


You’re deeply uncomfortable, reeling (or recovering) from a smack down, ouch, harsh Wake-Up Call telling you that the way you’ve been living and conducting your life is no longer optimal (or perhaps even optional).

Either way, welcome, you’re in good company and I’m glad you’re here.

So, let’s break this down.

The Calls To More:

You may currently being called. There is something inside you saying “there has to be more to life”.

The “more” you’re looking for can take several forms:

The call to More Meaning:  It’s time to start doing what you came here to do

Perhaps you’re being called to a life of greater meaning where you’re truly used up, fulfilled, and joyfully contributing your unique gifts.

It’s time to move out of the life you fell into and start attending more intentionally to your purpose and the dreams that have been there since the beginning (yes, those ones).

It might sound like:

I know there’s something more I’m supposed to be doing with my life”.

And if you are feeling that pull, you are absolutely right. There is. And things are about to get really interesting (in a very good way.)

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The Call To More Magic: You want to know the unseen

Perhaps like me, there’s a part of you which senses that there’s something unseen at work and you want to know it.

Hungry for sparkle, wonder, spiritual adventure, and dreams coming true, something has awakened in you and you are called to follow it.

Your intrigue may have been sparked by a book, a movie, a conversation, or perhaps you’ve had a personal experience, and you’ve seen the magic around you in flashes and bright moments, in synchronicities and major or minor miracles and you want MORE.

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The Call To More You:  A life that fits you and suits your soul

Perhaps you’re waking up to what life by design can look like. You’re thinking maybe you can influence the course of your life and it’s time to start exploring what and how. 

Perhaps a freshly empty nest, divorce or some other major life-change has opened you up to getting acquainted with your own rhythms, interests, and essence.

I remember leaving a long-term relationship in my twenties only to realize that after being folded into someone else’s life for so long, I’d lost myself (I seriously didn’t even know what kind of music or movies I liked. Weird.)

You’re noticing there are things you want, places you want to go, and things you want to be. You’re being called to start listening to your inner guidance and to get more lined up with your own sweet and powerful soul.

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The Wakeup Calls:

Now, if you were not called to magic, meaning, and your authentic life, you may have gotten here the hard way (I am so sorry!).

If you’ve been served up a personalized hand-delivered Wake-Up Call of the “bring you to your knees” variety, It’s ok. You’re right where you need to be.

Life has your attention and it wants you to know that it doesn’t have to be so hard and there’s a better way.

Some of the more common wake-up calls come in the form of feeling dead inside, having escape fantasies, and going through what is commonly known as a dark night of the soul.

See if any of this sounds familiar.

WakeUp Call #1 Escape Fantasies: You want to leave it all behind

Your Wake-Up Call may have come in the form of an escape fantasy; a desperate pull to abandon the life that has become so scary, overwhelming, and wrought with challenges that the best solution seems to be to leave it all behind.

I ran into this early in my career as a branch manager for a staffing firm. Part of my responsibility was to sell to other businesses through the time-honored tradition of cold-calling.

I would drive around looking for new companies, walk in the front door and ask to speak with someone in human resources. It was a task that was absolutely, completely not me, and yet, it was an essential part of my job, and at the time, it felt like the only job I was qualified for.

I remember feeling lost, alone and desperate as I drove around in the Arizona heat, unsure where my next appointment would come from but knowing I had to make 20 more before showing my face in the office again.

At one point I felt a surge of adrenaline, as I moved out of the way of a speeding car on the freeway. I thought to myself:

I’m out here putting my life in danger running around in traffic, for what?! I could totally get in an accident!

A little dramatic, sure, but it was the moment directly following that close call that stopped me in my tracks, when my brain entertained the idea that…

If I got in a car accident then no one would expect anything of me. And I could rest.” 

What? Whoa! Not ok!

When the idea of being stuck in a hospital room recovering from injuries was a welcome reprieve from the frenzy and lostness of my life, I knew that:

a) too much of that kind of thinking was going to land me in a hospital room one way or another and

b) something had to change.

My husband recently confessed his own Escape Fantasy/wake-up call moment, sharing that he’d once contemplated getting in the car and just driving, leaving it all behind to start with a clean slate (And by all behind, that included me). 

He felt the responsibility of his life, the lack of passion, the mounting pressure with no end in sight, was so inescapable, so permanent, hard, and unsolvable, that leaving his life for a new one sounded like the best way to get relief.

And he’s not alone, whenever I tell these stories people are eager to share their own moments of desperation and the escape fantasies that arose out of them.

If you’re flashing to your own escape plans then you’re in the right place.

There is a path out that does not require you end up in the hospital or runaway and join the circus (unless circuses are you thing in which case I see a trapeze in your future.). Stay here, stay tuned, things are about to get better (lots better).

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Wakeup Call #2 Feeling Dead Inside: Life has lost its joy

Your wake-up call may be that you are suffering in a job (or a life) that’s killing you (This isn’t hyperbole – it’s serious and you know it).

This is often when people first get in touch to coach with me. The pressure has been building, their life fading to gray, all the joy sucked out until they cannot go one more day down the path of obligation, drudgery, and stuckness.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard highly competent, incredibly successful, well-loved women (and men), the kind you would think have it all and have it all together, tell me they “feel dead inside”. Every time, it takes my breath away.

Dying inside has a spectrum.

On one end, you’re still getting it all done but you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel that has no end in sight (which I guess is kind of the nature of hamster wheels). Like my client Binnie who realized she was living a complex and stressful life that didn’t suit her personality.

Alternately, you may have already hit burnout. You’re still going through the motions but you’re just done. Like my friend Jean who instead of filing the drawer full of important documents, saved herself some time and simply put them through the shredder (true story).

There’s something about the way we’re living as a society that leads us little by little down this path until one day we wake up and realize that it’s no longer ok. We’re no longer ok.

I’m here to tell you that this was never what life was intended to be.

It can look and feel different and you have choices.

If this is you, the path ahead will give you permission to exhale and to reclaim your life; to make work truly fit you instead of squeezing what matters most to you into cracks and crevices around your job.

It’s an opportunity to take a hard right towards meaning, fulfillment, and a life that’s both sustainable and enlivening.

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Wakeup Call #3 Dark Night Of The Soul:  Life Changed HARD And Suddenly

If you are currently going through the big Kahuna of Wake-Up calls … The Dark Night of The Soul moments where life just takes you out completely; (usually with a 1,2,3 punch of circumstances that leaves you in a heap on the floor.)  I feel you; I’ve been there, and it’s one of the great disorientating but ultimately healing and transformative times of your life (Too soon for the upside talk? No problem, just rest, give yourself a hug and keep reading).

You may have been yanked out of your life circumstances.



Perhaps a health Wake-Up Call.

Often these things come in 3’s (seriously, when people share their stories, it’s more often than not a barrage of circumstance bam. Bam. Bam. That ultimately brought them to their knees.)

This is a time, that author Tanis Helliwell so eloquently wrote, when

We feel we are no one, doing nothing, going nowhere.” 

Whether it’s the pain of the recent harsh life lessons that has you feeling set back and cautious, unsure how to take the next step because you have no interest in hurting like that again; or you just have absolutely no clue where to go or what to do next; as discombobulating (and just plain horrifying) as this may be, the message is coming through loud and clear, the old way is not going to work anymore.

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It’s time for a change.

Whether you’re being called, or experiencing a wake-up call, this time is an invitation to something new; a version of life that’s uncommon but totally accessible.

Welcome. Now the only question is, are you:

More Practical? Start Here  or are you More Magical? Start Here

The choice is yours.

Let’s begin.


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