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Wake-Up Call 1: Escape Fantasies: When You Long To Leave It All Behind

Have you ever had the feeling that some part of you wanted to run far, far away and never look back?

You’re not alone.

For many of us, there comes a moment in our professional lives where we face a choice:

A) Heed THE CALL to align more with our true selves, or

B) Experience a WAKE-UP CALL, when we come face to face with the reality that what we’re doing is no longer working.

Today, we delve into Wake-Up Call #1: “Escape Fantasies” – those moments when your work-life seems so unbearable that you imagine leaving it behind in creatively epic ways.

Understanding Escape Fantasies

Escape Fantasy: The desperate pull to abandon the life that has become so scary, overwhelming, and wrought with challenges that leaving it all behind seems like the best solution.

It’s More Common Than You Think

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Beyond the vivid stories I hear from clients every day, when I broach this topic in casual settings, it’s invariably greeted with a barrage of tales from the career archives of the world’s best and brightest.

I even have one of my own…

My Personal Escape Fantasy Wake-Up Call

My personal story involves a deeply uncomfortable experience early in my career as a branch manager.

Part of my responsibility was to sell to other businesses through the time-honored tradition of cold-calling.

I would drive around looking for new companies, walk in the front door, and ask to speak with someone in human resources.

It was a task that was absolutely, completely not me, and yet, it was an essential part of my job (which at the time, felt like the only job I was qualified to do.)

Lost and Desperate

I remember feeling lost, alone, and desperate as I drove around in the Arizona heat, unsure where my next appointment would come from, but knowing I had to make 20 more before heading back to the office.

The Wake-Up Call Moment

I remember feeling a surge of adrenaline as I swerved out of the way of a speeding car on the freeway.

Heart racing and a tear in my eye, I thought to myself…

“I’m out here putting my life in danger running around in traffic, for what?! I could totally get in an accident!”

A little dramatic, sure…

but it was the moment directly following that close call that stopped me in my tracks. The moment when my brain paused on the idea that…

“If I got in a car accident, then no one would expect anything of me. And I could rest.”

What? WHOA! Not ok!

When the idea of being stuck in a hospital room recovering from injuries was a welcome reprieve from the frenzy and lostness of my life, I knew that:

A) Too much of that kind of thinking was going to land me in a hospital room one way or another and

B) Something had to change.

His Escape Fantasy: Leaving It All Behind

Here’s one more for good measure. My husband confided in me, sharing his own Wake-Up Call: Escape Fantasy moment. It turns out that he’d once contemplated getting in the car and just driving, leaving it all behind to start with a clean slate (and to be clear, “ALL behind” included me.)

He felt that the responsibility of his life, the lack of passion, the mounting pressure with no end in sight, was so inescapable, so permanent, hard, and unsolvable, that leaving it for entirely new beginnings sounded like the best way to get relief.

Escape Fantasies = Time For Real Change

Step 1: NOTICE – It’s Time For A Change

If you’re flashing to your own escape plans, then notice that it means something.

Your brain, body, and heart are demanding change, and the sooner you listen, the better.

Step 2: BELIEVE – Know That Change Is Possible

The more time we spend together, the more you’ll come to know that change is possible – there is always a way forward – and believing is an essential part of “the way” revealing itself.

There is a path out that does not require that you end up in the hospital or run away and join the circus (unless circuses are your thing, in which case I see a trapeze in your future).

Step 3: ACT – Take A Step Toward Your Good Future

There’s a step to take right here, right now, toward a better life.

Take a breath and ask yourself, “What do I need?” And “How can I begin to head there/get that?”

There is an answer.

A beginning.

An opening toward a life that better fits you and suits your soul.

It starts now. Take that step.

  1. What’s the one small step you’re ready to take towards your good future?
  1. Do you have a seasoned escape fantasy you’d like to share so someone else can feel less alone? Share it with me here (we are in this together.)

And if you’re in the middle of a mess and could use some support, Schedule A Discovery Call and we can start to plan your exit!

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Important Mental Health Notice:

The subject matter described here falls within the realm of professional coaching and personal development. I am not a therapist, and while I can provide guidance and support, if you find yourself in a situation where you are considering real harm to yourself or experiencing severe emotional distress, please seek immediate professional help. Your mental health and well-being are of utmost importance, and there are qualified mental health professionals who can provide the necessary support and care.

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