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I wrote this article many years ago but I would offer the same advice today. Whatever the economy is doing, keep this in your back pocket ;-).

Navigating Economic Uncertainty: A Guide to Positivity and Action

A client recently sent an email that reflected what’s on many of our minds. She asked…

“Any tips for those of us who are living in “Fear Central” with this whole economic situation? I am finding that I am working full-time to protect my mind from the gloom-doom mindset that so many people are talking – and I am succeeding some of the time, but not all of the time. Would love your suggestions.”

Perspective on Economic Downturn

I have often wondered, over the previous weeks, if no one had television or access to radio, how many of us would be aware of the economic downturn we are experiencing? And even more importantly, I wonder how much of what is happening is being caused real-time by people reacting to the idea that we are in an economic down-turn/ recession/depression, etc.?

Personally, I am not experiencing an economic downturn and I have no intention of experiencing one.

This is not arrogance; this is just my intention, and I take steps every day with the full expectation that this intention be fulfilled.

Oh sure, my net worth is about ½ of what it was a month ago, but that just means it is a great time to invest!!! I know by the time that I need to retire, all my happy little stocks and funds will have reached new heights, so whatever they are doing right now is really none of my concern.

Two Perspectives, One Question

So, I ask you…

If you forgot about the news and you just looked at your life, what evidence would you have that there was a problem right now?

For those of you who see none, bravo. For you, the next question is;

What do you need to think and what action do you need to take to continue creating the life that you want?

For those of you who are seeing the signs, i.e.,

  • living off your investments that have just lost 40% of their value
  • you have 5 rental properties that are not worth what you bought them for and you have run out of renters
  • you work for a bank or maybe a mortgage company

Now, more than ever is the time to guard your thoughts and look for solutions instead of focusing on the problems.

The Economy is a Duck

The economy is a duck my friends (haven’t heard about “The Ducks” yet? You can read all about them here.) What I mean by this is, the economy is doing what it is doing, and if you are open to seeing it as not good or bad, not disastrous, but instead approach it with interest and inquisitiveness, then you will likely see that even inside of this particular set of circumstances there is opportunity, hope, and a bright future.

Key Questions for this Time in History

The questions to ask at this particular time in history are:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What way of thinking will best support what you want?
  3. What way of “being” is going to give you the most joy in your day and the most power in creating your future?
  4. What action can you take right now?

If you are willing to ask these questions and be open to their answers there is opportunity, hope, and excitement available.

Finding Opportunity Amidst Challenges

As an example: I have a client that is in the investment business. And not just any investments. He cannot take a client with less than $1,000,000 to invest.

It would be easy for him to throw in the towel and close the doors until brighter times. But In our last conversation, I asked him to think about who needs him right now, even with everything that is going on.

He was able to quickly rattle off the people who not only could use someone of his caliber working on their team but who might be actively seeking someone just like him at this very moment!

He made his list, and then we went to work looking at where he could find these people. He left the call with a clear objective and inspired action to take. I look forward to hearing the stories about how he created the best earning months of his career while his competitors hid their heads in the sand.

SEE BE DO GET Model: A Framework for Success

If we just take a moment and apply the SEE BE DO GET model to the situation you can quickly see how essential it is to focus on what you want instead of getting mired in the muck.

If your point of view (SEE) is that: “All is lost and there are no jobs, no business and no hope…..”

You are likely to BE…. Sad, depressed, anxious, angry (insert your favorite doom and gloom emotion here__________)

Then you will DO whatever is natural from that place, and my guess is that it will not be the most powerful and inspired action you could take to accomplish what you want.

And then you will GET the total affirmation that life is not going to work out, and we are all going to H – E – double hockey sticks in a hand-basket (where the heck did that expression ever come from anyway?)

So, clearly, focusing on the problems will not get you anywhere.

Balancing Realism and Positivity

Now I am not saying ignore what is going on. It is totally valid to take a look at your own reality and ask yourself;

What would responsible action look like?

Are you living within your means?

Are you honoring the money you have?

Do you know what it takes to sustain your current lifestyle?

Knowing the facts can be a powerful starting point for dealing with what is so, alleviating anxiety, and just taking the action that is necessary.

The coach’s advice for weathering our current economic situation…

  1. Get in touch with the “facts” (the ducks) of your life.
  2. Get clear on the future you want to create.
  3. Proceed and take action accordingly, regardless of what the news is saying or your friends sit around and talk about.

The life you want is available right now if you believe it! If you focus on what you want, if you believe in the power of your dreams and your ability to create your life, if you take inspired action, today can be a day of great beginnings and the future can be very bright.

Believe it and you will see it.

With love and optimism,

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