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The Hummingbird Effect

Growing up in northern Canada, hummingbirds were not part of the landscape, so when I moved to the US and discovered these whimsical birds inhabited my new home it was a pure delight!

Auspicious Encounters = Messages From The Universe

So beautiful and mysterious, my special group of soul sisters always noted the arrival of a hummingbird on the scene as auspicious.

When one of us said something particularly profound or true there would be “Hummy” (Or Humina) zipping by; sometimes even hovering just above our heads.

We came to know Hummy as a sign that spirit was in the house and the Universe was smiling.

We came to know Hummy as a sign that spirit was in the house and the Universe was smiling.

Imagine my delight, when I arrived at my current island home in the Pacific Northwest to find that hummingbirds could be spotted right off my deck! (Yay Hummy!)

Now the funny thing is, that if you’d asked me what sound a hummingbird made, I had no idea.

If you’ve ever been dive bombed by one you know the zzzzzt sound of their wings as they zip by, but did they sing?

I had no clue.

The Dance of The Hummingbird

Then one spring day, years after living in proximity to hummingbirds, I witnessed something astonishing.

Something I’d never seen before.

A hummingbird off my deck did this thing…

It made a chirping sound (scrich scrich scrich) about 30 feet off the ground.

Then its tiny body went up… up up up 60, 70, 80 feet, until it was just a dot in the sky.

Then zoom! It came straight down like a shot, stopping inches from the ground with a shrill peep like a referee whistle (apparently made with the force of their wings. Wild!)

Then it did it again, and again, and again, until it finally diverted and settled in a nearby tree.

It was the most remarkable, dramatic, dance. I’d never seen anything like it! And I told anyone that would listen what I’d witnessed.

The most common response being, “Really? So cool! Take a video. I want to see!”.

A Repeat Performance

Then the next day, the darndest thing happened. I was out for a walk and I heard that same chirping (scrich scrich scrich).

My head snapped up, looking around for the dancing bird, and sure enough, there it was…

Scrich scrich scrich, scrich scrich scrich

And then up up up,

Zoom down and screech!

And again, and again, and again.

And then I saw it the next day and the next.

In different places;

  • On my deck
  • In the forest
  • Walking downtown.

I knew based on what part of the song I heard where to look to witness the dance.

The chirping – 30 feet off the ground.

Followed by a float way up…

And then the “screech” close to the ground.

An Abundance of Wonder

Suddenly, Hummingbirds were not a mystery with the occasional chance encounter, I heard and saw hummingbirds everywhere.

Did the world suddenly have an influx of hummingbirds overnight?!

Of course not. They were always there, but now I knew where to look.

I knew what they sounded like and I knew their dips and flights.

The Hummingbird Effect: Tracking Magic In Life

And this is how it is with magic.

At first it shows up unexpectedly, a flash, a glimmer out of the corner of your awareness, a rare occurrence of beauty and wonder that leaves you intrigued, wide-eyed, and hungry for more.

But once you know what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, you begin to see it everywhere; in the good things and the challenges; shimmering around every corner.

The cool thing is, the abundance of wonder doesn’t make it any less spectacular, it just stops being a surprise.

We Are Built for Magic

See?! We’re built for this. We just need to lift our eyes and begin to pay attention. 

Are you ready to start tracking magic?

You can begin right now – Download Your Free Serendipity Log HERE!

Eye’s open & enjoy the wonder.

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