How to Consciously Create Your Life

You were born to live a life of meaning, purpose and joy.  Let that sink in. Everyday more and more people are waking up and stepping away from the drudgery,…

Innovative Vision Board Process - Reverse Scrapbooking: Create Loving Memories of Your Future

Reverse Scrapbook: Vision Board 2.0

We’ve all know that creating a Scrapbook is a wonderful way to preserve and celebrate our past, but have you ever considered creating a scrapbook for your future, filled with loving memories yet to be made?

Are You More Than Ready For Change?

Are You Wondering If Coaching Might Be Right For You? (Read on!) Are ready to make a change – Because life is calling you to be more of who you really…

This picture is called "Joyful Work" by Coach Joelle Prochera

How Can I Find Joy In My Job?

Are you burnt out, frustrated and not loving your work? I get it, I’ve been there, and real change is possible.

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