Magic leaves clues. When you learn to watch for it, recognize it, and learn its messages you enter into an entirely new world where life becomes play and dreams come true. What a gift to offer your audience at your next retreat.

Imagine. A beautiful, sunlit space. Your attendees are animated, connecting with each other, and excited about their newly minted future. You hoped to facilitate transformation. You hoped to create an impact. You’ve experienced all that and more.

This is magic in action…

and you want to be sure your speakers are aligned with that magic.

Hi. I’m Joelle.
I offer a unique combination of:

  • Inspiring true stories
  • Meaningful introspection
  • Humor
  • Practical life-shifting techniques

I’d be delighted to share my insights and experience with your audience.

Best known for

Magic Is Real™ Keynote

For every person who has a sneaking suspicion there’s more to life than what we can see and touch, Coach Joelle will show you’re right! Magic is real! It leaves clues for you to follow and makes miracles when you do.

In this deeply transformative keynote, you’ll learn how to recognize magic when it happens and work with it to live the life of your dreams.

Coach Joelle uses her own inspiring story of dreams dreamed and realized (often in the most astonishing ways) to open your audience to their own magic, giving them permission to dream, and to begin intentionally watching for the clues of this very real energy already working in their lives.

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Other popular topics

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Practice Makes Magic

Implementing Methods Of Magic™ For Personal Fulfillment and Professional Success

Not only is magic real, you can learn to see it and work with it in your day to day. This highly interactive and inspiring session will support you in spotting and working with the energy around you for better work and a better life.

This 4-5 hour seminar is perfect for a small team conference or retreat. In this time, you’ll learn the 6 Methods of Magic (Magic. Dream. Focus. Truth. Joy. Love.) and leave with the tools and techniques you need to identify magic, follow the threads, and embrace the serendipitous moments that will change the trajectory of your life.

allowing yourself to dream

The Power Of Dreaming:

Essential Tools For Building Futures

One of the most powerful questions we have is “what do you truly want?” It’s powerful because it asks us what we dream of.

Dreaming gets a bad rap but the fact of the matter is that anything built started as a dream in the heart and mind of a human just like you. Whether you’re out to dream a new future for life or career, or you want to gather your team to dream up a new collective tomorrow, Coach Joelle will show you how to let go of your perceived limitations, connect to your most essential desires, and open the way for those dreams to enter your reality.

Join Coach Joelle in this highly interactive session that will leave you and your audiences feeling full of possibility, action, and wonder.

how to dream about what you want

Mindset Essentials

For Life & Work

You already know that mindset matters, especially in the workplace… but did you know it also lines you up with your personal magic?

In this interactive session, Coach Joelle brings her decades of experience teaching mindset tools. Whether your audience is made up of executives wanting to elevate their mental focus, resilience, and leadership or a group of up-and-comers ready to practice the essential mindset tools for greater confidence and a future of their own design, this session will heighten authenticity and personal power, and bring harmony and conscious communication to your workplace culture.

This can be offered as a one time session as part of a conference track or retreat or as a 5-week corporate training.

Coach Joelle can also customize talks according to the needs of your audience. Get in touch to discuss your ideas for keynote, half- or full-day, and/or multi-day sessions.

Meet Joelle Prochera

Coach Joelle Prochera is a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach, global speaker, & award-winning writer.

She’s on a mission to open people to life’s magic and help them follow their own unique path to happiness, fulfillment, and flow.

Since 2002, Joelle has coached thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and seekers all around the world to achieve their most essential goals and dreams. Known for her stories of miraculous living, Joelle uses her own journey (and ongoing life-experimentation) as a teaching tool to open her clients to their own magic.

Beyond the whole “life’s so amazing! Here, let me show you!” thing, Coach Joelle has:

  • Facilitated groups in Singapore, India, Austria, the UK, Canada, and the US
  • Served as mentor-coach to over a hundred of the top executive coaches in the world
  • Coached leaders at over a dozen Fortune 500s (including some of the hottest tech companies in Silicon Valley)
  • Served as faculty with The Global Institute for Leader Development, The Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, Ewomen Network, Peak Potentials, and Brian Johnson’s Entheos Academy for Optimal Living
  • Served as a master coach for best-selling author and business guru Marcus Buckingham
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My excitement today is that I am still hearing comments on how wonderful the meeting was

My excitement today is that I am still hearing comments on how wonderful the meeting was and how our team members have been impacted by your coaching and follow-up calls.  Teammates are feeling and being much more successful because of it.

Corporate Sales & Marketing Manager

Julie Valle

Our sales team all agrees

Our sales team all agrees it was one of the best National Sales Meetings we have ever had.

Sales Manager, InnSuites Hotel

Steve A. Rensel

Joelle is a dynamic, entertaining and authentic presenter with a message that will change your life!

Extraordinary event! From the depth of my soul you breathed the energy of inspiration, hope and empowerment into every woman in that room.

MTI solutions

T Krone

The students fell in love with her charisma, personable experience, amicable nature, and sound professionalism.

We would highly recommend Coach Joelle to others. She provided organized well-developed strategies for our students to apply to their lives. The workshop taught individuals step-by-step guidelines on how to create the life they want. She has a plethora of resources paired with a great personality that make her a pleasure to work with.

CSU Center for Leadership and Service Cleveland State University

From the moment she began her inspirational and insightful presentation, she had everyone in the room listening and respond to her every word.

Coach Joelle single-handedly regenerated our members and enabled them to make it through the day. I will make it simple, if you need an Excellent Motivational Speaker, you won’t go wrong with Coach Joelle.

Managing Director The Us Recruiting Network

Robert L. "Bob" Rystrom

Joelle was a very dynamic and engaging, fun yet professional, from the first words spoken.

She was genuine and very present with us, interacting and playing with us, not merely speaking to us.

She expertly weaved physical, mental, and emotional dynamics into the session, using movement and music, posing powerful questions, and presenting inspiring models and examples. These varied techniques created not only an immediate shift in the group, but also gave us tools to take away and use in our lives.

New Samaritan High School

Operations Manager/Registrar

If you want to transform your life, your business, your mindset and be happier, run (don’t walk) to sign up with her. You won’t regret it.

I’ve known Coach Joelle for 10 plus years and have done some great coaching work with her. We’ve recently grown my company to nearly 50 people and invited Joelle to give a talk on Mindset Essentials For A Breakthrough Year.

I have high standards, so I expected the presentation to be high quality, AND I was overwhelmed at the response of my team. Over 10 people signed up for individual coaching sessions because they were so inspired by what she shared during her presentation.

President & CEO, BrainWorks

Andrew S. Miller

Ready for Magic in action?