how to say yes to you

Saying YES to YOU is The Best, Right Answer.

My Big Plans

I was supposed to go to California for a meeting.

This was an important meeting, a meeting I had been anticipating for 6 months as an essential piece of my re-emergence from what I have come to affectionately call my Cloudy Afternoon of The Soul.

Finally, I was going to be hanging with an inspiring group of like-minded peers, clarifying my path forward so I could get my message out and make the difference I was hungry to make.

Unexpected Detour

But when I should have been grabbing my global entry card and getting ready to head out the door, instead I was on the floor in my hallway, wrapped in a blanket, with chills, nausea and lingering guilt.

You see, despite the fact that I was pretty sure I didn’t have Ebola, the strangest idea had struck me along with my 102 degree temperature.

 Maybe I should just…. stay…. home.

WHOA!  I mean, come on, Joelle!  If you don’t have Ebola then what is your problem?!!! My brain scolded.

Was I a wimp to call “uncle” just because all I could keep down was ice chips and the only place that I felt like a human being was submerged up to my chin in a tub of warm water?

Was I just making up excuses to skip my responsibilities and watch TV?

If I was truly committed shouldn’t I be packing instead of puking? Rallying instead of rolling around on the floor trying to find a moment of comfort?

The Dilemma

So I had a dilemma:

a) I had something IMPORTANT to do (attend the meeting). Something I felt I HAD to do to get the information I needed to be successful.

b) My body had a different plan. I was sick. REALLY sick, in pain and completely unable to function much less travel across the country and sit in a day of meetings.

When I actually considered staying home I felt like I was not only being a weak loser (Harsh! I know, right?!) but I was also going to miss this VERY IMPORTANT THING and possibly miss getting the information and support I needed to move forward with my dreams.

It was one of those moments that tested everything I know about following your own truth and trusting higher wisdom.

And thank goodness, in my moment of weakness my mom stepped in to help me see the light.

A Compassionate Question

In one of our multi-hour “I’m sick and I need my mom” phone marathon sessions, mom asked me the question…

 “Joey. What would someone who loves themselves do?”

In that moment the answer was so clear.

My uncertainty, my fear and my self-judgment fell away.  Every cell of my body exhaled and something deep inside of me said “thank you”.

I knew that I needed to stay home.

And I knew that it would be ok.

In fact, I knew that staying home was the MOST OK option because that is how the universe works.

The path that is the truest for you, the path of love, is the path where the gold is… always.

I knew that on this particular weekend, my goals and dreams would be best served by lying flat on my back, binge watching Netflix, taking long naps and healing.

The Unexpected Call

I cancelled my flight, let go and trusted and by Monday morning I woke up fresh and eager to get back to work.

I had no sooner sent my husband off to work with a kiss when the phone rang.

It was early, early enough that if I had been in California as planned the call would have gone to voicemail.

I picked up.

It was Amanda, a bright and inspiring young woman who had started coaching with me this summer. I could tell she was virtually radiating power over the phone lines.

I was excited to hear what had spurred her to make this spontaneous connection.

“I am in the car travelling for work and I just listened to the Introduction To Passionate Powerful Living CD you sent me…… AND I LOVED IT!

She said …

“After listening to the CD I sat here and asked myself, what is it about Joelle that attracts me to her? And I realized that it is because you are the only person I know that I can talk to about the signs, the miracles and my dreams.”

As she spoke, I grew very still.  I listened with every cell, my hand pressed close to my chest.

She continued…

 “You have helped me to live in a magical world. ”

 “When I met you I couldn’t think forward. I couldn’t see beyond the busyness of my life. I couldn’t even plan out beyond this year but now I can see myself thriving and I am excited about my life 5 even 10 years into the future.”

 “You helped me dream again. You changed my life.”

“BAM” And there it was. More profound and affirming than any workshop was the opportunity to stand and receive the difference I get to make in the world through the eyes of one bright and beautiful soul.

It’s Always The Right Place At The Right Time.

I thought that I had to drag my butt out of bed, travel across the country (possibly being quarantined in the SFO airport for suspected Ebola) so that I could have a mastermind group of marketing experts brainstorm with me to understand what my brand was and what exactly it is that I do so I can help more people…

But I all really had to do was stay home, take care of myself and when the phone rang, answer it.

How To Say YES to YOU:

So, here is how you can put this wisdom into action.

Do YOUR day YOUR way:  If there comes a moment where the responsibilities, commitments, activities and pace is all a little too much, or if your body, mind or soul calls for a TIME OUT, just ask yourself “What would someone who loved themselves do?” and then do it.

  • Take a break to read a book, savor a Latte or go for a walk.
  • Dare to decline, or renegotiate responsibilities and invites that no longer fit you.
  • And when all else fails, I find lying down on the floor really works for a little grounding and perspective (yes really.)

Consciously choose to take life’s ups and downs and unexpected detours with peace, love, and joy and know that even when things are not going as planned it’s ok, and it may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

So much love!

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