Magic Is Real Even When It's Weird - Coach Joelle Prochera

MAGIC – From The Profound to The “What On Earth?”

Over time I’ve noticed that Life is always talking, even when I’m not quite sure what it’s trying to say.  

A (Somewhat Strange) Synchronistic Trilogy

To illustrate; one of my more puzzling synchronistic events involved three distinct references to hotdog eating contests in rapid succession (and this, in a life that to that point had pretty much zero relationship with Hot Dog Eating contests.)

  1. Oprah Magazine 

It started in the bathtub. Relaxing with an Oprah magazine, I scanned through an article about competitive eating (accompanied by a picture of cheesecake). After a brief contemplation of the joy and pain of the profession, I toweled off and carried on with my day.

  1. Refrigerator Revelations

Within the hour I found myself in the kitchen fetching a pickle from the fridge and what should catch my eye?

The lid of the pickle jar was advertising … a Hot Dog eating contest. 

I did a double take and made note (Do pickle jars always have stuff on them? First and last time I ever noticed if they do.).

  1. And TV Makes Three

I proceeded to the couch with my pickle and turned on the television and there, on the TV was… you guessed it, a hot dog eating contest. 

I thought this was odd on a number of different levels, but THEN I heard a name and that name rang a bell so I jumped up and ran to grab the magazine.

Sure enough, the same woman from the article was competing in (and winning) the contest on TV. Wowza!

Hotdog Magic Is Real!

And of course, when a bit of hotdog magic like this shows up in your life you know what that means? 

Yea, me neither but I still took a moment to have my mind blown and added it to my Serendipity Log. 😉

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