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How to Consciously Create Your Life

You were born to live a life of meaning, purpose and joy. 

Let that sink in.

Everyday more and more people are waking up and stepping away from the drudgery, struggle, busyness, and treadmill-like existence that has dominated their days.

Seeking a more authentic and graceful way of being in the world, they are being called to create life on their own terms.

It’s called consciously creating your life, and it means:

To actively pursue the deep longings of your heart while dancing in harmony with natural law and the order inherent in the universe.

Conscious Creation = Path of Destiny

Being a conscious creator is not only the key to an extraordinary life, but it is also the surest path to lining up with your destiny and living out your unique mission, in what Debbie Ford so beautifully called “this holy human game.”

Are you ready to dare to dream?

Are you willing to put your happiness, fulfillment and unique contribution at the center of your life? 

If you are one of the many that is being called to follow their true path here are …

10 Big Ideas on How to Consciously Create your Life

1. There is Order

You are not an accident. Your life is not random.

There is an underlying order to the universe, it is purposeful, it is within you and you are part of it.

This order is not here to punish or control but to guide and to teach and to reflect.

It beats your heart and grows the flowers and moves the planets.

It is here to remind you of who you came here to be and to support you in fulfilling your grandest visions for yourself and for your life.  Oh, and it loves you.

If you look at your life, you have seen this order at work in small and perhaps big ways. 

Looking back I can see it working in my own life through subtle influences and choices that ultimately lead me to my soul work as well as through dramatic jaw-dropping “coincidences” that said time and time again “there is more to life than what we can see and measure.”

Today I know these synchronicities are just the tip of the iceberg, the indicator of something deeper; the floaty-toys on the ocean of god/source/all-that-is.

They point to the greater order, an order that we can trust.

2. You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be And You Are Right On Time

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, how old you are or how young or what you did yesterday.

Your ship has not sailed. Now is exactly the time to begin to consciously create your life.

When life feels like it is standing still despite your best efforts and you feel impatient to move things forward, consider instead that circumstances are being arranged for the right time, that that time will come and that all is well.

When life hurts or you fall down, when you find ourselves saying “this is not right” “this should not be happening” be assured that even this (bad day, failed relationship, moment of frustration) has a purpose.

It is a cue to step back and forgive, learn the lesson, grow and move onto what is next. 

And it is all perfect.

When we know that we are exactly where we need to be and we are right on time, we can trust that “now” is all it needs to be and then meet the next “ now” with optimism, hope and faith in the unfolding.

3. Create Space for Conscious Living

Many people live unconsciously, their life just a series of reactions.

They can spend years, even decades being pushed from one job to another, from one relationship to another or being held in their place, influenced by the expectations of others, the pressures of society and their own “should’s” and “have to’s”.  

In this scenario, life is happening to us. 

We are not creating it and the result is often anxiety, stagnation, frustration, rage or a sense that we are dying inside. If this is you, this is good news, it is a wakeup call. Ring, Ring…. Your life is calling.

When you get the call to consciousness, along with it comes a new priority called,

“time and space for my life”.  

This is not a “nice to have”. To live a created life, we must have space in our day to notice what we are doing, to process what is happening, to be responsible, to choose our thoughts, our emotions, how we relate to the world and how we use your body. 

We need space to dream and to breathe and to be.

You may feel that you only have space for 5 minutes a day (to begin with) but I dare you to make room for more. With time and attention, even the most seemingly oppressive or busy life will begin to give way to the life you are creating. 

4. Dare to Dream

Contrary to what you might think, dreaming is neither frivolous nor selfish and your dreams are not there to taunt you; rather they are the beginning of a full, joyful and meaningful life. 

Everything that exists in the human world from airplanes, to Google to Beethoven’s 5th began as a dream – ideas in the mind and heart of a human just like you. 

Deepak Chopra believes that our dreams and desires are seeds planted within to lead us to our divine passion and purpose.  I know this to be true.

Whether they are career aspirations, a difference we want to make in the world, a desire for love or family or community or to create something beautiful, these longings are part of the grand design.

Daring to dream, even (and especially) when you are unclear as to how to make those dreams come true, is an essential opening that is needed to live your true life.

5. Embrace “Now” – Create The Future

By opening up to your heartfelt dreams and desires, you create an exhilarating pull between your life today and your inspired future. 

Your task as conscious creator, is to hold this delicate balance, embracing your “now”, living your life fully just as it is, while nurturing the blossoming seeds of all you are creating.

Standing at the bottom of the mountain we may long for the summit, thinking our goals achieved are the ultimate destination. 

However, in the years ahead, you will create many futures and reach many summits and with each pinnacle reached you will come to see more and more how the power and magic of life lies in the journey.

This is your life. The point is to live every juicy, messy, joyful moment.

6. Your Thoughts Are Creative. Please Think Responsibly.

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal in the conscious creation process is your ability to direct your thought. Your thoughts create your emotions and are the precursor to your action.

Your emotions affect the quality of this moment and your actions create your future.

At a very basic level, if you think “you can” or you think “you cannot” you set up a chain reaction that will ultimately lead you down a path to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For example:

If I think “I believe I can”.

Then I feel hopeful and optimistic and take action towards my dream.

If I sustain this thought over time, I will have many hopeful and optimistic moments and many actions that pull me forward toward my dream.  In this situation, I get to have joyful days in pursuit of something meaningful to me and I am likely moving this dream forward through my action.

If I think “I can never do, be, have that”.

And…  I think it every day, all day, then I will feel bad, and I will not take action because I know my action will be futile.

As a result I get days of disheartenment and stuck-ness and resignation and I take no action to move things forward and my life does not change.

Beyond the very practical examples above, there is a way that our thoughts and emotions interact with the unseen. Some call it the “Law of Attraction” – I call it “Magic” but whatever you want to call it, I assure you, it’s real.

Bottom line: Your thoughts create and you have power over your thoughts – so notice them, attend to them and grow them in the direction of the life you desire.

7. Take Inspired Action: Let Passion Lead The Way

Have you ever struggled, pushed and pulled yourself up to the top of the mountain – a great big goal – a career ladder, only to have “arrived” and still felt empty inside?

Have you ever struggled with a plan, a process, a system that has worked so well for others but feels inauthentic, unnatural and keeps falling flat for you? 

What if I told you that the path to your greatest triumph and the fulfillment of your deepest purpose was lit by passion, joy and meaning?

As a conscious creator it is time to start dropping the “should” and “have to’s” and start acting from inspiration.

Inspired action – is action for its own sake, without manipulation, pushing or ulterior motives.

It is action for the pure joy of action. And sometimes the action needed will be no action at all. Trust this.

In case you are thinking that you can stop paying your bills or forgo bathing because it is not inspiring – think again.  Pay your bills, brush your teeth, go to work and while you are at it reach for joy, act from inspiration and let passion lead the way.

8. Access The Truth Within You

Everything you need to make the journey is within you. 

The answers to your questions, which fork to take in the road, the solution to every problem and your true path all lie within your reach, all you need to do is ask.

Too often, we attempt to solve our problems through thinking or “figuring out” however, while our beautiful brains are wonderful for solving math equations and alerting us to imminent danger, much of the answers we seek lay beyond our own thinking. 

With time and attention, you can learn to discern your personal truth and to live your life guided by the divine compass within you.

9. Honor Your Truth –  A Life of Alignment

Once you know your truth, the task is to line up with it.

When you live each moment as a triumph of alignment – when you live each moment acting, thinking, being what is true for you – this is the ultimate freedom.

From this place, you get to dance with life, to watch in awe as the universe conspires for your success.

You get to live free of guilt or regret, knowing that you are on the most clean, clear path. You are living your life on purpose.

You are living the life you were designed to live.

Of course you can always say “no” to your truth. You can deny the longings of your heart. You can stall or resist or walk away and still the path will remain, just out of sight, waiting patiently for your return.

10. There is No Competition For Your Destiny

There never has been nor ever will be someone exactly like you.

Your life adventure has been tailor-made for your unique and precious soul.

And while you are joined by others as playmates and lovers and co-creators and even by some who will challenge you and serve to demonstrate what you do not want to choose for your life, not one of them could ever be better suited to live the life you came here to live.

Today, more than ever, we have the tools, knowledge and freedom to live in harmony; each of us taking our place within the divine dance. 

When you feel you must compete to win – question it.

When you feel you must manipulate, cheat, sneak, or violate your own values to get what you want – challenge it. 

There is no competition for your destiny. To the contrary; the heartfelt pursuit of YOUR life is certainly the greatest gift you can bring to this world. Do us proud!

Watch the full Master Class on the 10 Big Ideas For Consciously Creating Your Life.

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