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For everyone who have ever said “I’m scared”, “I can’t do it” or “I’m not good enough” welcome to the club, and this one’s for you.

These are a collection of some of the oldies but goodies to help you to dig out of the gloom and raise your vibration.


Don’t Let Doubt Sit At Your Table

Read about Mike, a stellar entrepreneur who had his power and energy sapped because he let the worst parts of his mind run the show. Discover practical steps to recognize and overcome self-doubt, allowing you to reclaim your confidence and pursue your goals with unwavering belief. Read More

Clouds In My Livingroom

Ever felt like a dark cloud was hanging over your head? I sure have, in fact, I realized that I have the unique ability to create a regular storm of doom right in my Livingroom. Learn how to navigate through your own periods of emotional gloom with personal insights and effective techniques to clear the mental clouds and find your inner sunshine. Read More

Good Ducks? Bad Ducks? Just Ducks? Why Reality Is Up For Interpretation

A little story about some ducks that live in Northern Minnesota will shine some light on how malleable reality actually is. Here we dive into how our perceptions shape our experiences in life, our personal power, and even our sense of identity and our relationship with ourselves. You will see how shifting your perspective can change your reality, improve your emotional well-being, and change up life in pretty much every way possible. Read More

Overcoming Your Fears One Dauntless Moment At A Time

Facing fears can feel daunting, but when you take on the dauntless challenge you can actually make life’s fearful moments into adventures worth taking on. Learn how to build resilience and confidence, leaving your fears in the dust. Read More


Go Ahead Be A Quitter: Part 1

Sometimes, the best decision for your happiness, your future, and your mental wellbeing is to be a quitter. Read why letting go of toxic situations, jobs, people… is not only possible but often necessary to set yourself free and get more lined up with a life that fits you and suits your soul. Read More

Go Ahead BE A Quitter: Part 2

But wait, there’s more quitting to be done! Continuing our exploration from Part 1, here we delve deeper into the positive aspects of quitting. Learn from those who recognized when it was time to quit and get ready to make your leap forward with renewed energy and focus, to transform your life for the better. Read More

The Mental health day challenge

Ever felt like you just need a break? Take on the Mental Health Day Challenge to prioritize your well-being. I once had a boss who told me to just plan a day off for me and her legacy lives on. If you are looking for total permission to take a day off to rest, recharge, and reflect – Permission granted! Get insight into how to make the most of your day and schedule it on your calendar so you can start planning a day just for you. Read More.

Why Saying YES to YOU is The Best Right Answer Always

Saying yes to yourself is always the best answer. I know it’s a tall order for those of us who naturally look out for and take care of other people, but honoring yourself, making decisions that put you first, and leave you cared-for, happy, and fulfilled, makes the world a better place. Read on to start honoring yourself and your own sweet soul at an entirely new level. Read More.


Don’t Wimp Out On The Man/Woman In The Mirror

This is a very personal story that involves tough family conversations, unusual courage, and a monster cookie (yes, that’s a thing). It’s easy to shy away from tough self-reflection, but real growth happens when we face ourselves head-on and own what we are contributing to the situations and relationships that are not working out the way we’d like. If you know deep inside that perhaps there is more you could be doing to shape the circumstances of your life, then you will love this personal share about how I confronted my inner critics, faced their truths, and emerged stronger and more self-assured on the other side (and how my marriage thanked me for it). Dive into practical strategies for honest self-assessment and making empowering changes, so you can stand tall and reclaim your power every single day. Read more

Digging Back Out When Life’s Lost Its Luster

We’ve all experienced those times when we feel stuck and listless and like life has lost its spark. This blog will inspire you with personal stories and practical tips to help you rediscover joy and purpose. If you are ready to reignite your passion and zest for life when you’re feeling down then continue reading

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