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Reignite Your Spark When Things Feel Hard

These here are some interesting times. 

I’ve never before witnessed so many people giving up on their dreams, becoming disillusioned with life and losing hope. 

Now, just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it is the only choice or that it is necessary, but for a brief moment we can acknowledge that life is dishing it out and people are feeling it.

It’s Easy When It’s Easy

We all know how good it can feel when things are working out.

When we are invigorated by life, fueled with the thrill of the hunt, a grand new vision and the excitement of a new adventure. 

We have all been there in moments of glory when we take action and find success, those times when you feel like you have life by the tail.

But then,…

Every once in awhile… something happens….

  • The economy takes a dive
  • you get dumped
  • 30 people say no to you in one day
  • some dude runs off with your life-savings
  • or things just don’t show up on your meticulously-planned time frame.

And you begin to lose it.

You begin to lose the spark and hope evaporates like the air seeping out of a punctured balloon.

The Slippery Slope

Next thing you know you are heading down the slippery slope, wondering what on earth you were thinking to even have a dream that big or wonder who you thought you were to aspire to such a life.

This mounting resignation can take many familiar forms :

  • Stuck-ness
  • Sour grapes
  • Boredom
  • Resentment
  • Hopelessness
  • Dreaming and hoping but not acting
  • Avoidance
  • Doubt
  • Procrastination
  • Excuses … or my personal favorite 
  • Half butting it (just keeping it clean 😉 )

With that being said, regardless of what is going on in your life, the difference between entering into a dismal, downward spiral versus rallying for a new adventure is truly in each of our hands.

To support you in reclaiming the fire in your belly and  your joy for life, I have put together  my…

Top Seven Steps to Get Energized, Get Focused and Get Back on Track to living your inspired life!

1) Gain Clarity: 

Have you forgotten what you wanted or why you wanted it in the first place? If you don’t have a compelling vision and a strong “why” you are like a rudderless ship drifting wherever life, your surroundings and circumstances blow you.  If you haven’t done so in awhile, sit down and get clear on your goals.  Take time to write out your inspired vision of the future you desire.  Post them somewhere visible and spend time with them every day.

2) Check your Beliefs: 

Your focus makes your future (And your present too). That’s right, no two ways about it, what you believe to be true, creates your reality.  If you believe you can never have it, you are not smart enough or that the world is a terrible place, it is virtually impossible to live into a different future. When you find a thought that is unsupportive, do everything in your power to get a new point of view and create a new more empowered thought or belief, it is the foundation of all great living.

3) Make a plan: 

I never cease to be amazed at the power of a plan.  So many people know what to do but they hesitate to write it down and hold themselves accountable to actually doing it.  

When you take the time to lay out what it would actually take to deliver on your vision, you take it from the fantasy realm of  “wouldn’t that be nice” to the tangible steps and actions and realistic time frames that will deliver you to your goal.

Sit down and map out what it would take, create clear definable steps and get started. 

4) Have a little faith: 

(okay – a lot!)  One of the essential tools to having the life you imagine is an undying faith that it’s attainment is inevitable, that you are worthy and that your wants were not given to you without a way to get there.

Your upward focus and optimism will not only keep you powerful and moving forward but it will also open you up to the serendipities that we call the magic of life!

5) Get Passionate: 

Passion comes easy when you have a clear goal you believe in, a plan to fulfill it and a belief that you will get there. 

Let the passion for your dream and your life fill you up so that every person you meet can feel it emanating out of you. 

It is a beautiful way to live and your passion acts like a beacon, drawing to you the people and circumstances you need to fulfill on your inspired visions.

6)Take Action and then do it again: 

They say success breeds success but action is the catalyst for all of it.  Action brings exciting new connection, brave new thoughts and that enthralling feeling of winning, even when it’s in tiny ways, like saying no to desert or making that one call you have been avoiding.

  • Pick up the phone,
  • sign up for a class,
  • or as SARK says “invite someone dangerous over for tea!” 

Action builds momentum and courage and consistent courageous action will joyfully lead you down the path.

7) Build a team:  

Even coaches can’t go it alone.  Why would you think that you should?!

Our friends, peers and coaches are there to remind us of who we are and what we are committed to when we have forgotten.

Do yourself a favor:

  • start a mastermind,
  • ask a co-worker to be your accountability partner
  • get a coach
  • schedule a weekly meeting with a friend to review your dreams over a glass of wine.

Going for it is always way more fun when you share the love.

If you take any of these principles and apply them you will begin to see your life take a turn for the joyful, and imagine… if everyone in the country, everyone in the planet just chose one of these things – have faith, take action, drum up some passion, believe in their dreams, I have this feeling that things would be looking up pretty quickly.

Love and light to your path on the upward spiral.


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