No Doubt About It, Good Coaching Is Magic

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The first thing I ask a new client is “what do you want?”
(think about it for a moment).

This question is so powerful, simply considering it can change the trajectory of your life.

Once you wipe away all the shoulds, the societal norms, the expectations, and the limits of what you think may or may not be possible, you’ll find the truth.

The truth of you, your authentic dreams, your desires, and the life you want to live.

That is what’s available through coaching.

Good coaching can be the answer to the frenetic, soul-sucking, unsustainable pushing of our current world. The work we do here is built on light. It’s built on brightness and buoyancy. On the future. Your best future.

Coaching is about how to find yourself, own your authenticity, and create real change.

There’s a reason you’re here. Let’s talk about that.

Where magic meets reality

When we work together, you gain the opportunity to reflect, redefine, reimagine what’s possible. Experience freedom, serendipity, and magic.

Where magic meets reality

When we work together, you gain the opportunity to reflect, redefine, reimagine what’s possible. Experience freedom, serendipity, and magic.

I work with: entrepreneurs, executives, & individuals more than ready to change their lives

We meet virtually and regularly, creating a ladder of learning, clarity, epiphany, and accomplishment. Always working in the direction of your outcomes, your learning, and the life experience you most desire.

Coaching services are highly customized with a minimum 6-month commitment.

I work with a limited number of 1-on-1 clients so I can give them the care, attention, and focus they deserve.

Ready to start the journey?

I had no idea that happiness, consciousness and simplicity were within my reach.

I never thought that I could “be” that person – that person who lives in the present, without excessive rumination over what might happen tomorrow, next month and next year – but today I am her.

Once I realized that I was living a complex life that didn’t suit my personality it opened me up to making new choices. Instead of opening the door in the morning and seeing a world of challenges, today, I choose to live in a playground. What a shift I have made in such a short time! With your wise guidance and my newfound willingness to explore different ways of being and thinking, Ease and Joy have arrived and I never want them to leave again!

Binnie K

Social Media Manager

Having Joelle as your coach is a transformative life experience – and I don’t say this lightly.

I have been a coach for 20 years, and when I need coaching myself,  Joelle is who I turn to.  Her approach sparks insights, inspiration and hope. She is a force for good who brings to light what matters most – she is intuitive, perceptive, thoughtful, generous and brilliant. 

If you want to invest in yourself, Joelle is the coach you want to partner with. She will believe in you and support you to realign your path so that you can access more joy than you ever imagined possible. She is magic.

Val Tremblay

Executive Coach & Facilitator

I owe most of the happiest days of my life to Joelle, who did not just show me how to see the magic, but how to harness it, live it, and know it at its deepest core.

When I first reached out to Joelle I desperately missed spending time with my kids.  My son was getting bullied at school, my daughter was almost a stranger, and I couldn’t remember the last time my husband and I shared a good laugh.  Most of all, I was miserable at my job.

Within 12 weeks, I quit my job and took the leap of faith by starting my consulting business. 2 months later, I had an entire year of income contracted. By the next November, I was starting to believe this whole “I can design my own life thing”. My son’s bullies all but disappeared, my daughter and I reconnected, and my husband and I suddenly were sharing a whole new level of excitement in our relationship. There is no fear anymore because it has been replaced by joy, wonder, and peace.

Adrienne Gordon

CEO, Price Space LLC

Coach Joelle has a magical way of saving you from yourself! 

She taught me that some of the biggest barriers to my business’s success were within me.  I was taken on a beautiful journey to uncover my authentic voice, my gifts, my weaknesses and my true vision as a leader. I learned how to recognize and feel into the ‘energy’ of my relationships with business partners and staff, which carried over into my personal life. I also learned that change does not have to be painful – when you are open to the flow, change is fun, exciting, and infused with delightful surprises!

Joelle is warm, direct, professional and filled with unflinching trust of the universe that is joyful and contagious.  She helped me get out of my head and into my heart, and showed me that the universe conspires on my behalf! My business was floundering when I met her and after a few months, my evolution inspired shifts that turned my business into a thriving sanctuary. I am so grateful for my year with Coach Joelle. My life evolved into a beautiful playground where magic thrives.

Lisa Lansing

Owner, Coral Poppy + Inspiral Motion

Joelle brings an effortless manner to our coaching engagements when the reality of her approach is anything but effortless.

In each of my interactions with Joelle, she picks up on the most subtle nuances as to how I am positioning myself to a situation, and very quickly helps me move to an expansive, magical mindset. Her guidance is subtle, yet so incredibly powerful, leaving me with a sense of personal accomplishment and ownership of my solution, with the clear conviction to act.

And in doing so, her coaching has a lasting, halo effect. She does not simply coach with a one and done solve, she helps me find and acknowledge my own tools, empowering me as I employ them in other situations, far beyond our coaching engagements.

Rachelle Steen

VP Customer Experience, The Marcus Buckingham Company, an ADP Company

Call it magic, call it a miracle, call it divine intervention – I was led to Coach Joelle who helped me break through doubt, distractions, and noise to recalibrate my goals and reorient my plans.

My company, a startup, had just been acquired by a private equity firm. I was anxious about the future, apprehensive about change, riddled with fear, and plagued by self-doubt. In addition, I was really struggling to strike a healthy balance between work and home.

Eager for a new perspective, I started an executive coaching journey with Coach Joelle Prochera, not really knowing what to expect. She fostered a safe space for me to vocalize challenges, to be heard, and to work toward a healthier way of being. It was a genuine pleasure! I am forever grateful!

Patrick Houghton

VP of Technology, ActiGraph

Working with Joelle has been a life-altering experience for me. Her guidance and support have changed the course of my life in the best way possible.

She consistently pushed me to surpass my limits and encouraged me to think critically to shift my perspectives. Through our work together, I’ve learned to reframe my thoughts and establish meaningful goals that shape my everyday actions. Right from the start, I felt a deep sense of comfort and trust in Joelle.

Her incredible insight and unwavering reliability have been invaluable to my personal and professional growth.

Danielle Zinn

Founder & Director of Events, Mindful Meetings

It would be impossible to overstate the impact of my time with Joelle.

Joelle is an exceptional coach who brings a powerful blend of business acumen, patience, and tough love which guarantee that every session led to a powerful insight and concrete next steps.

I have taken to noting each session’s “epiphany” and have referred back to these many times over the years. From stepping into my first executive role in the midst of an acquisition, to building a function from the ground up, to taking on two additional business units from a company founder, Joelle’s coaching has provided me with the tools and the confidence to not just survive these changes, but to thrive.

She has a permanent place on my personal “board of directors” and has certainly earned my highest recommendation!

Laura Martin

Human Resources Executive

All-Access Magic

For very select individuals, I offer unlimited coaching on an as-needed basis.

Perfect for the busy executive on the go, this service is provided through Voxer and a mutually customized meeting schedule. This is the ultimate #coachinyourpocket service.

All-Access Magic

For very select individuals, I offer unlimited coaching on an as-needed basis.

Perfect for the busy executive on the go, this service is provided through Voxer and a mutually customized meeting schedule. This is the ultimate #coachinyourpocket service.

If you want a coach who will effect who you are and change the nature of your being, call Joelle.

Other coaches have process and checks in the boxes but if you want a coach who will effect who you are and change the nature of your being, call Joelle.

In a very short time she will hit you in places that you had not looked or didn’t know were there. Not for the faint of heart – look at the reality of yourself and come out thriving.

Lynda B.

Chief Financial Officer

Joelle will help you bring out all of the positives and leave any negatives behind.

I have experienced exceptional success in positively changing my professional and personal life. In particular I have been able to positively change how I was perceived by co-workers and personnel who reported to me.  It has made the whole equation of relationships much better and made life, in general, much easier.

I would recommend Joelle to anyone who is interested in improving themselves as leaders, managers, or as a person.  She will help you bring out all of the positives and leave any negatives behind.

Julien F.


Joelle Prochera came into our organization as a Coach and the results were wonderful!

The goal was to develop a comprehensive personnel plan, complete with job descriptions and a motivated staff.  This tall order was fulfilled by weekly coaching sessions and monthly follow-through sessions with me as the manager.

She made the sessions experiential, involving the body and mind.  Her ability to embody her message in the bodies, as well as the heart of the staff, was nothing short of masterful.

KC Miller

Founder, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

If you want to transform your life, your business, your mindset and be happier, run (don’t walk) to sign up with her. You won’t regret it.

I’ve known Coach Joelle for 10 plus years and have done some great coaching work with her. We’ve recently grown my company to nearly 50 people and invited Joelle to give a talk on Mindset Essentials For A Breakthrough Year.

I have high standards, so I expected the presentation to be high quality, AND I was overwhelmed at the response of my team. Over 10 people signed up for individual coaching sessions because they were so inspired by what she shared during her presentation.

Andrew S. Miller

President & CEO, BrainWorks

Working with Joelle has given me the tools to own my power, trust my intuition and follow my dreams no matter what!

She’s a woman who dreams big and creates a life she loves, and she stands for everyone in her life to have the same. If you’re interested in having fun, living a life that rocks your world, creating the most amazing adventures, and having your dreams fulfilled, Coach Joelle is IT!

She has the gift to inspire, to love, to empower, and to be your partner in creating a miraculous life. I feel like anything is possible when I am talking with her. Brilliant!!!

Alexandra Jaye Johnson

To think about if I hadn’t met Joelle, all of the things I would have missed!

This is how it feels when you discover something real – someone that ignites that spark inside of you. Joelle’s spirit and dedication is everlastingl.  My desire to understand every session became a gift for me. To show up being me and trust myself has presented a newfound perspective – my journey to Live In Knowing is exciting and for that I am truly grateful.

Heather Muro

Cleveland, OH

Joelle has helped me to understand that intuition can be as powerful as analysis and that the best way to lead a team is from within.

In the past several months, my team has become more focused, more productive, and clearer in its communications. I find myself surrounded with success stories.

Joelle will challenge your assumptions, she will help you find alternatives, and she will bring high energy and shameless optimism to every engagement. I recommend Joelle to anyone who is serious about changing their outlook and their outcomes. She is highly skilled.

Bill Johnson

Fabrication Manager

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