The Call To More You 3

Call 3: The Call To Being More You

Unabashedly. Authentically. Fully YOU.

You are a miracle. You are a unique and special contribution to this beautiful world. Full stop.

At this moment in history, the full breadth of self-expression and people “owning” their uniqueness is a marvel to witness. I’m deeply grateful that we’re breaking out of our boxes and creating space for each person to be who they are.

And still, we hide.

Sometimes we hide the small parts that we think no one can handle.

And sometimes, we hide even our best parts, certain that if anyone truly knew us, we’d be kicked off the island.

But there are costs to hiding:

Energetic costs.🔋

Opportunity costs.🔑

& Destiny costs.🛣️

The Costs of Hiding Your True Self

When I was ten, I had my hand mangled in a table saw. I lost my right index finger in the mix.

And while that little ten-year old boldly carried her new stump back to school as an accessory to rather hilarious physical comedy (think nose picking jokes… and “Give me a high 4.5”), the teenager I became felt a need to hide her hand.

Somehow, that lovely, talented, bright young woman, thought she would be less if her peers noticed her missing digit. So, I kept it hidden.

I can vividly remember going on coffee dates with my first boyfriend and hiding my hand under the table.

With the time and energy spent, using my non-dominant hand, holding my right hand behind me, or casually stuffing my remaining fingers in my front pocket, it’s a wonder that to this day I don’t list to the right.

I’m over it – believe me, today I speak animatedly to any audience without a single thought of my finger, but it makes a point (Oh! LOL. Pun not intended!)

I bet you have some part of you, some part of your truth, that you hide under the table.  

Especially at work.

Authenticity and Self Expression at Work

The business world has a great tradition of killing uniqueness.

Whether it’s wardrobe, words, leadership, or promotion, there are rules that say;

“This is right”

“That’s unacceptable”

“This is the way it’s done around here”

But for the most part those rules are made up. And today, more and more, they’re being exposed as limiting nonsense.

Think of the people you most admire.

The people who have made a difference for you.

Were they cookie cutter versions of what had come before them? Or were they exceptional?

And when I say “exceptional” I don’t mean special, necessarily, but I’ll bet that somehow, they were unique.

That uniqueness struck a chord with you and it mattered.

There’s Magic In Authenticity

Now, back to my finger incident; it shaped me in powerful ways:

  • creating resilience
  • honing my sense of humor
  • and strengthening my innate optimism

But the really interesting part is its role in my professional journey.

You see, I’ve only had a handful of bosses in my life and get this… TWO OF THEM were missing fingers. 🤯

Yep. It was in that first hearty handshake that we looked into each other’s eyes with recognition and surprise, “you too”?!

So, as you’re hiding yourself, you may actually be ducking your people!

By denying your own unique spark, you may be stifling the exact thing that is ultimately going to take you where you want to go.

But by being willing to own and bare our uniqueness, by living as our “Truthiest Truth” (as my dear friend Jayne calls it) we are operating in our soul lane. Beautifully lining up with the people and opportunities that match us in our weirdest and most unlikely ways.

The YOU That You Are Is Exactly What’s Needed.

What’s interesting is that being you is the easiest thing in the world – it’s being someone else that’s serious heavy lifting.

With that in mind, consider, what essential truth you’ve been hiding or denying?

What is the cost in energy, opportunity, and alignment that comes with that hiding?

And what if the act of constantly stifling yourself and hiding the parts that you think no one can handle, is actually pulling you off course?

Taking you further away from the things that matter most, the things that are uniquely and wonderfully yours…

The path that fits you and suits your soul.

Got that?

And now, how could you begin, in some small way, to be more you, today?

Take Action:

You Do You: The practice here is so very simple, but perhaps not easy – just lean into being who you are.

It doesn’t have to look bold or assertive, it’s more like an exhale. Settle into yourself and notice:

What feels good?

What are you attracted to?

What do you need?

What would you like to let go of?

What would your “Truthiest Truth” look like? And how can you be that more?

Notice what comes up and move with it.

Celebrate and nurture the uniqueness in and around you.

And know, you rock – seriously – just the way you are. Can I get a high 4.5?!!

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