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Call 1: The Call To More Meaning

When It’s Time To Start Doing What You Came Here To Do

Ever sense that there’s a greater purpose for your life?  

Do you have a subtle but persistent inner voice nudging you, urging you to explore certain paths and reject others?

Does the whisper of “let’s go there,” the firm “no, that doesn’t fit,” and the exhilarating “Say yes to that!!” echo in your mind?

There comes a time for many, when the pursuit of meaning becomes a driving force, a recognition that life is too short and precious to not fully commit to doing what we came here to do.

When this innate call to purpose becomes insistent, almost demanding, it marks a significant turning point. 

If this is happening to you, Congratulations! That’s wonderful 

“The Calls” Are a Pull – An Invitation to More

While the Wake-Up Calls (Escape Fantasies. Dead Inside. Dark Night Of The Soul.) jar us out of the day-to-day, demanding our attention; each of the Calls (More Meaning. More Magic. More You) pull us forward.

Each is a response to the growing feeling that “there has to be more to life”. 

The Call to More Meaning: Aligning Your Work With What Matters

The Call to More Meaning is a call to move out of the life you fell into and start intentionally attending to your purpose and the dreams that have been there since the beginning (yes, those ones).

It can show up as a knowing that It’s time to start doing what you came here to do.

When I first started feeling this Call in my late 20’s, it became more and more apparent that striving and hustling to win at someone else’s game for money, was not going to cut it anymore.

I had unique gifts, skills, and talents that felt important and essential, yet laid dormant. I longed for work that would leave me feeling “used up” in the very best way.

It turns out I was not alone in this longing.

Does This Sound Familiar?

When clients reach out for support in answering their own Call to More Meaning I see common themes. They say things like:

  • “I need to do something else”
  • “I’m not getting energy from this anymore”
  • “I’m not contributing the way I want to”
  • “I want to feel like I am making a valuable contribution in the world through who I am and what I do.”
  • “I know there’s something more I’m supposed to be doing with my life”
  • “I want to do something meaningful and fulfilling in my soul.”
  • “I don’t want to say I played safe and didn’t explore my other dreams”
  • “I fear not taking action… and just letting life roll me … and not living how I want to live … and life passes me by.”

If any of this resonates; it’s time for change, you are in good company, and you’re right on time.

Burnout, The Great Resignation & Quiet Quitting

Perhaps more than any other time in history, the current landscape is accelerating the leap towards meaning, opening doors to new ways to work and facilitating bold new career choices. 

The Great Resignation, quiet quitting, and the burnout epidemic signal that for many, the old way of working is unsustainable and it’s time to move towards work that aligns with their values, allows them to contribute meaningfully, and provides fulfillment.

This shift in focus is a natural part of the human experience. It’s a call to pay attention to what has always been there inside us so we can begin to take our unique place in the world.

Start Small. Start Right Where You Are. Start Today.

If you’re feeling this pull but don’t quite feel ready to launch yourself into the unknown, don’t worry. You don’t have to quit your job to follow your calling (unless you are more than ready – then, permission granted!)

In fact, you can start right where you are in the safety of your work, while beginning to open your mind and heart to what’s coming.

  1. Start a Path of Purpose Journal: Begin recording all the things you know about the work that’s calling you. Don’t censor yourself, it doesn’t matter if it has never been done before or if it makes no sense. I get paid to talk to people about life. My husband gets paid to drive a boat and look at whales. Trust me, whatever is rising up in you holds insight and wisdom.
  2. Design More Meaning Into Your Job: Ask yourself how you can do more of what you love right where you are. Explore how you can use the skills that you want to use. Ask: How can you begin to make the difference you want to make? Right here. Right now.  
  3. Dive Deep With Coaching Support: If you sense that now is your moment, and you’d like support in embracing your Call to More Meaning, let’s dig in! Reserve 30 minutes on my calendar for a transformative Clarity Call (Schedule A Clarity Call). Together we can explore whether a Private Path of Purpose Immersion Day is just the ticket—an exclusive virtual workshop where we dive deep into exploring and aligning with your purpose. Let’s have a conversation that sets your journey in motion. Let’s talk!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.“ 


Your Call to More Meaning is an invitation to a more joyful and fulfilling life and I thoroughly believe that you finding and claiming your place in the world is a gift to us all. Begin!

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