Should I share my Dreams?

There’s an ongoing debate in personal development circles about whether to:

a) Share your dreams or

b) Keep them to yourself

This summer, my cat, Sundae, helped create the purrfect metaphor to explain why my answer is a definitive “It Depends.”

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The Dark Night of The Soul Wake-Up Call #3: When Life Changes HARD And Suddenly

It was one of the most disorienting and distressing times of my life. Change came hard and fast with a 1, 2, 3 punch. It was a heralding of something necessary and essential; an opening to an entirely new way of navigating the world, and in retrospect, one of the most important and pivotal moments…

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Is It Time For Change? Wake-Up Call No. 2: Feeling Dead Inside

She put down her pen and paper, took a breath, looked me in the eye and said, “I feel dead inside.” She was a celebrated professional, making great money, respected, top of her field – I didn’t see it coming. I knew there was something out of alignment in her work, that she wanted change,…

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Wake-Up Call 1: Escape Fantasies: When You Long To Leave It All Behind

Have you ever had the feeling that some part of you wanted to run far, far away and never look back? You’re not alone. For many of us, there comes a moment in our professional lives where we face a choice: A) Heed THE CALL to align more with our true selves, or B) Experience…

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Call 3: The Call To Being More You

Unabashedly. Authentically. Fully YOU. You are a miracle. You are a unique and special contribution to this beautiful world. Full stop. At this moment in history, the full breadth of self-expression and people “owning” their uniqueness is a marvel to witness. I’m deeply grateful that we’re breaking out of our boxes and creating space for…

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Call 2: The Call To More Magic.

When Life Starts Speaking To You Are You Being Called to More Magic? Do you have a sense that there’s more to life; something beyond what you can explain with your rational mind? My younger self described it this way… “I had this feeling that there was more than the walls, and the table, and…

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Call 1: The Call To More Meaning

When It’s Time To Start Doing What You Came Here To Do Ever sense that there’s a greater purpose for your life?   Do you have a subtle but persistent inner voice nudging you, urging you to explore certain paths and reject others? Does the whisper of “let’s go there,” the firm “no, that doesn’t fit,”…

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Feel Better Now Resources

For everyone who have ever said “I’m scared”, “I can’t do it” or “I’m not good enough” welcome to the club, and this one’s for you. These are a collection of some of the oldies but goodies to help you to dig out of the gloom and raise your vibration. DEALING WITH FEAR AND DOUBT…

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The Hummingbird Effect

My special group of soul sisters always noted the arrival of a hummingbird on the scene as auspicious.

When one of us said something particularly profound or true there would be “Hummy” (Or Humina) zipping by; sometimes even hovering just above our heads.

We came to know Hummy as a sign that spirit was in the house and the Universe was smiling.

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Welcome To The World Of Wonder – You Are Here

You are HERE. Welcome and hello! I could not be more excited that you have arrived HERE in this magical moment at the front edge of the adventure of your life. (For real – it’s all that and more.) Chances are, you’ve found your way here because, you’ve either received The Call from the universe…

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