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Are You More Than Ready For Change?

Are You Wondering If Coaching Might Be Right For You? (Read on!)

Are ready to make a change –

Because life is calling you to be more of who you really are?

Do the old definitions of success no longer work for you –

And you are ready to follow your heart to greater meaning and fulfillment?

Do you have dreams tugging at your heart –

Asking you to say “YES!”, but you are not sure how to begin?

Are you someone who knows your soul has a purpose –

And that it is time for you to line up with that purpose and live the life you were born to live?

Are you tired of pushing and striving –

And ready to find a more graceful and authentic way of living within the flow of life?

If you are reading this and saying “YES!”, you are at a very special time in your life, at an important time in history. 

There is a movement in the world today calling people to connect to their true selves, to find passion, purpose and meaning in their work and their life.

“There is a movement in the world today calling people to connect to their true selves, to find passion, purpose and meaning in their work and their life.”

– Coach Joelle Prochera
  • For some, it means saying “enough is enough” to the soul-less and life-sucking way of life that has become the norm in our society.
  • Many feel they are being called to a higher purpose, while others have a sense that the way things are will not work for them anymore. 

These realizations and moments of clarity often require major life transitions. 

Transitions like:

  • Discovering and pursuing meaningful work
  • Starting a soul-aligned business,
  • Or just learning when to say no, or to say YES to the things that light you up.

It is a very exciting, and often scary time, and sometimes it helps to have a supportive ally by your side.

That is why it is my joy and personal mission to support you in moving through these times of growth, creation and transition with as much power and grace possible. That is why, it may just be time for you to get a coach. (HI!)

Some Things You Might Be Experiencing:

If you are experiencing this squeeze, this critical point in your life where you are called to something more, you may be feeling one of the following.

Living on the treadmill:

Treadmill, rat race, hamster wheel.  Call it what you will, but you know the feeling – you are working too hard and feeling tired and resentful.  Like every day is the same, a race to nowhere, that leaves you spent and too exhausted to care for yourself or your family, much less to pursue your dreams.

Ready for a new definition of success: 

You have lived by the rules and sought the world’s riches, or the successes you parents wanted for you, or what you were “supposed to do”.  When you reached the top of the mountain, you found it lonely and empty. You want to win in life, but are unwilling to do it any longer at the expense of your health, happiness or relationship.  It’s time to redefine success on your own terms.

You ache to give birth to the dreams inside of you:

Perhaps you have stuffed your dreams for so long, they now seem like distant fantasies.  Maybe you have spent so long living for other people that you are not really sure what your dreams are anymore.  Or, you know exactly what is in your heart to create and saying “no” to it is no longer an option.  Somewhere in the center of you there is a persistent ache asking you to listen, to look again, to connect, and to believe in those dreams.  These dreams are there for a reason and that reason is to serve your life and the world.

Seeking meaning + purpose at work:

It is no longer acceptable for you to go to work for just a paycheck. Life is too short and you know that you have more to give.  Whether you are inspired to custom design a new role within your company, find a new career, or start your own business, you feel now is the time to thrive and contribute at a whole new level.

Dark night of the soul:

Are you one of the many being called right now, pulled out of the familiar to transition to a deeper understanding and greater awakening? It is known as the dark night of the soul and Tanis Helliwell said it best when she called it a time when “you are no one, doing nothing, going nowhere.”  If this sounds familiar, you may be uncomfortable and confronted with unusual trials, challenges, breaks in your identity, a falling away of all you used to stand on. You are not alone and you do not need to do it alone.

Seeking greater confidence and self-love:

You know that a bigger life is waiting for you and your dreams are possible, if only you could muster up the courage to take the bold action necessary. A vital and radiant you waits in the wings, if you knew how to connect to her. With attention and deliberate practice, you can become the person you have always dreamed you could be.  You can live the life you were born to live.

You want to feel more alive!:

Your life is just fine, but fine is no longer enough. You are ready to amp things up, infuse your life with greater vitality and joy.  Happiness is not something that happens to us when the right circumstances show up and the stars align. Happiness is something that we can cultivate in our lives as a daily practice. One vital life, coming up!     

My Ideal Client

I work with people at all stages in their journey, their business and/or their lives and we always make progress.  We always add more brightness to their world, or move their goals forward.  But there is a certain individual that is going to thrive in this process, to be an exceptional co-creator and totally transform his/her life.  Take a look and see if this sounds like you.

Does This Sound Like You?

Your life is working and you are ready for more:

Even back in my early 20s, I knew that the people I work best with are those who are already working at a basic level of happiness, health and success.  Those who are ready to take their lives and their contributions to the next level. In this place, you are not focused on survival, because your basic needs are met.  That means we can put energy into making your life bigger, bolder, and brighter.

You have a history of success:

You know how to win in life. You have created before and you have a long list of achievements. Somewhere along the way you got the promotion, rocked your food plan, or delivered A’s at school. You see yourself as someone who is strong, with a history of winning.  Now you are ready to play a new game.

You know there is something bigger:

Call it God, universe or higher self, you know in the core of your being that there is an unseen order to life.  You want to know, connect to, and dance with that order.

You believe in your dreams and know you are here for a purpose:

Like Deepak Chopra, you believe that your dreams are not selfish or fantasy.  But are in fact, seeds planted within you to call you forward to your larger purpose. You believe in those dreams and are interested in joyfully living into your unique destiny.

You’re open to learning and new ways of thinking:

You love to learn and are willing to be challenged so you can open up to the life that is waiting for you. You value, and are open to, exploring creativity, intuition, and the role of your body, mind, and spirit in the process or creating the life you desire.

You’re willing To take risks and get into action:

You know that inspired action is essential to moving your life forward.  You are willing to be bold, to rise to the challenge, and to invest your time, attention and mental focus in your life and happiness.

You are ready to find a gentler way: 

You may have pushed and struggled in the past.  You have found that, while driving focus works, it is often painful, energy-depleting and misguided. You are ready to operate with the flow, rather than against it, and open up to a new gentle way of dancing with life.

You enjoy collaboration, partnerships and co-creation:  

You know how to do it alone, but you are excited about the idea of having a partner, a guide and champion to support your journey.

You want to be a force for good:

Whether it is through a bold mission, or the difference you make when you share a smile with the barista at the coffee shop, you know that you want to leave the world better than you found it. You want to be a source for joy, passion and goodness in the world.  You know that part of your mission is to live your very best life and shine your own light brightly.

You are ready to thrive:

It is your time to live fully. To claim the joy that is waiting for you, to know your deepest truth and fulfill your greatest purpose. You want more than simply living or getting by.  You are ready to thrive.

Are You Ready To Have An Expert Coach In Your Corner?

Perhaps it is just to connect and spark something through conversation.  Or, perhaps it is for a partnership that will change your life. 

Let’s talk. You and me, voice to voice, 30 minutes no-holds-barred and no strings attached, in service of your dreams.

Just fill in the form below and let’s begin!

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