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Hello & Welcome!

I’m Coach Joelle.

I’m a Master Life and Business Coach on a mission to understand how life works and share everything I’ve learned along the way.

Expect practical insights and actionable tools to live your best life and fulfill your dreams for greater happiness and deep satisfaction. Here, we go beyond manifesting stuff just because you can (and you really can). Instead we help you claim what’s yours - the life you were born to live. Here, we go straight to the magic.

After decades of investigation, experimentation, and a whole lot of coaching (20+ years & 1000’s served), I discovered the most astonishing thing…

There’s magic in the world.

Yes. Magic. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that this whole thing—gestures wildly—is magic.

It turns out that we’re built for it. The human body, mind, and spirit have the capacity to be finely tuned for thriving in harmony with the world around us, while fulfilling our most exciting knock-your-socks-off-oh-my-gosh-did-that-really-just-happen dreams.

Yes. Magic. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that this whole thing—gestures wildly—is magic.

It turns out that we’re built for it. The human body, mind, and spirit have the capacity to be finely tuned for thriving in harmony with the world around us, while fulfilling our most exciting knock-your-socks-off-oh-my-gosh-did-that-really-just-happen dreams.

And not only is magic real,
it’s teachable.

I’ve worked with individuals, entrepreneurs, and leaders from companies like Lululemon, Facebook (Meta), Apple, Arc’Teryx, Deloitte, Hampton, Indeed, ADP, and CISCO to name a few.

Using the Methods of Magic, my clients and audiences have been able to:

  • Discover and follow their life purpose
  • Experience greater well-being, more joy, and ease in life
  • Clarify and ask for what they want and need with (really good!) surprising results
  • Lead their lives and businesses from a place of authenticity and truth
  • Quit their 9-5’s to create their work and life on their terms

It’s a pure delight to share these Methods of Magic with you.
Let’s get started…



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Magic @ Work

Create a clear vision and build a bold, better future…together

Call it magic, call it a miracle, call it divine intervention – I was led to Coach Joelle who helped me break through doubt, distractions, and noise to recalibrate my goals and reorient my plans.

My company, a startup, had just been acquired by a private equity firm. I was anxious about the future, apprehensive about change, riddled with fear, and plagued by self-doubt. In addition, I was really struggling to strike a healthy balance between work and home.

Eager for a new perspective, I started an executive coaching journey with Coach Joelle Prochera, not really knowing what to expect. She fostered a safe space for me to vocalize challenges, to be heard, and to work toward a healthier way of being. It was a genuine pleasure! I am forever grateful!

Patrick Houghton

VP of Technology, ActiGraph

Working with Joelle has been a life-altering experience for me. Her guidance and support have changed the course of my life in the best way possible.

She consistently pushed me to surpass my limits and encouraged me to think critically to shift my perspectives. Through our work together, I’ve learned to reframe my thoughts and establish meaningful goals that shape my everyday actions. Right from the start, I felt a deep sense of comfort and trust in Joelle.

Her incredible insight and unwavering reliability have been invaluable to my personal and professional growth.

Danielle Zinn

Founder & Director of Events, Mindful Meetings

It would be impossible to overstate the impact of my time with Joelle.

Joelle is an exceptional coach who brings a powerful blend of business acumen, patience, and tough love which guarantee that every session led to a powerful insight and concrete next steps.

I have taken to noting each session’s “epiphany” and have referred back to these many times over the years. From stepping into my first executive role in the midst of an acquisition, to building a function from the ground up, to taking on two additional business units from a company founder, Joelle’s coaching has provided me with the tools and the confidence to not just survive these changes, but to thrive.

She has a permanent place on my personal “board of directors” and has certainly earned my highest recommendation!

Laura Martin

Human Resources Executive

When I first spoke with Joelle, I instantly knew she was the Life Coach for me. She helped me kickstart my journey which has transformed my life into one that I embrace and love.

Joelle’s thoughtful ability to listen, provide guidance, ask the tough questions, inspire, and celebrate my progress are not just skills of a well-experienced and trained professional coach, but gifts of an insightful, reflective, and compassionate person.

She is one of the most optimistic and positive people I have ever met in my life and it’s this energy that has kept me excited and motivated to continue to pursue my life dreams.

Vanessa T


Joelle’s unconditional support, encouragement, and guidance are invaluable on several levels. Working with her is an absolute privilege.

She vibrates on a high frequency of magic, understanding the full comprehension of anything is possible, helping to remove restrictions and limitations, living into your best life, tapping into your strengths, and living beyond what you think you’re capable of.

It has been a tremendous benefit for me as I navigate the complexities of life and living in a space of integrity, flourishmemt, and navigating through the sludge and weeds. The insights and perspectives are a gift to obtain during this lifetime. I am blessed to work with her!

Kendall Embrescia


In a time where so many of us feel uncertain of the road ahead, the insight offered by Joelle paves new, often unseen, pathways forward.

Joelle’s incredible ability to get to the heart of any matter and draw our attention to the seemingly insignificant signs that surround us, is a true gift. After every connection with Joelle I come away feeling soothed at the soul level, with greater clarity on the most pressing needs and reassured of the path ahead.

Importantly Joelle is able to do this through a level of heartfelt compassion and powerful discernment that is compelling.  It is hard to find the right words which accurately describe the magic that Joelle is able to tap into, uncover and harness; however I do know that her wisdom is so needed for so many of us today.

Dr Suzi Skinner (PhD, MCC)

President Roar People

An amazing synchronicity shows up when we exist in the present, hold mindful awareness, and tune into the energy within and around us.

With Joelle’s guidance, I’ve been enlightened to this energy – trusting in the unknown and expecting the spectacular! I’ve learned to open my eyes to mindful moments, take slow, deliberate breathes, be still in joyful awareness, and open my soul to receiving.  The universe offers exactly what you need when you need it. Pay attention to the cues!

With her insight, intuition, coaching, and support, Joelle led me to this path so I could make many of my personal and professional dreams a reality.  I’ve experienced more happiness, serenity, strength, and success than I ever dreamed of!  I’m forever grateful to Joelle for this gift.

Patti Flauto

HR Consultant & Business Advisor, Talignite

Magic @ work

When your entire leadership team is part of your strategic mission and vision process, you create an environment where synergy, wonder, and potential come together for the good of your whole company and everyone it touches.

Whether you want to create a Collective Team Dream through an experiential retreat or have Joelle guide you as the vision unfolds over the years ahead,

Coach Joelle can transform your company culture into one of personal leadership, collaboration, and ultimate possibility.


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