Writing You From Bed

Hello my wonderful community, today, I am writing you from bed. 


But why Joelle, Why? Are you ill? 


No my friends, I am writing you from bed because I can!


That’s right! Ahhhh.  On this fine Friday afternoon when I asked myself how I wanted to spend the afternoon it was a tie between writing and napping.  On the one hand I really wanted to speak with you, I have had so many adventures that last two weeks that I have been tardy on my blog postings so it was important for me to share with you and at the same time, I had just had a walk along the Erie Canal with a coach friend of mine and we had stopped for lunch and I think the matzos-ball soup did me in.  So in this time of difficult and life-altering decisions, I went for a compromise.  Do my work and do it from bed! 


The idea of settling in on this rainy day, with a great cup of coffee, wrapped in our new duvet in our new bed, with a cat or 5 by my side, writing to you, sounded WAAAAYY more fun than a nap! And so I am writing you from bed.  I invite you to try it sometime! Oh, I know, from a Feng Shui perspective I am probably breaking a couple of cardinal rules.  The bedroom is supposed to be reserved for rests and recreation ( wink wink nudge nudge) and I am pretty sure electronics are a no-no but hopefully the Feng Shui police will let it go this once.


And so, today, I invite you to look at  your list of to-dos, and ask yourself, “how could I do this and make it fun?” Or relaxing? Or joyful?  How could I make cleaning the house a delight or how could writing that proposal be enjoyable instead of drudgery.?


One example of someone who really get’s this concept is Tony Robbins.  I remember hearing on one of his audio programs how he had once come back from traveling to find he had 100 phone calls that he alone could return.  At first he was a little resistant, just wanting to rest after all his travels, but then he found an idea of how to return the phone calls in a way that inspired him.  Next thing you know he was having a blast, calling through the list from his hot tub! Nice!


Another story that comes to mind is about friends of ours who shared a bit about the trials of registering for their wedding. (For those of you who have not been through the process, you may be thinking, what’s the problem, you shop for stuff you want and then other people buy it for you, sounds like a great deal! Take my word for it, my husband and I just went through the process and there were moments during the picking out of the china and facing-off on opposing sides of the “do we really need an ice-cream maker” discussion that I was wishing we could just drop the whole thing.)  So anyway, our friends told us their secret to maintaining a blissful relationship in the midst of the registration frenzy. 


It goes something like this:   a) Pick a location to register within 5 minutes of a martini bar b) Shop/register for 1 hour c) Hop over to the martini bar for a cosmopolitan d) Repeat b and c until you are done or until you need to call a cab home.


Oh wait! I have one more story to share with you for a little motivation to get you going! I remember I used to think my ex boyfriend was lazy.  He was a computer guy and he liked to sleep in indefinitely and he hated going into work on a schedule.  I remember thinking he was a “slacker” where as I was very proud of my on-time, work hard, reliable work ethic.  Well, he was so committed to having his schedule his way that he pointed out to his boss that he could do a lot of his work without being in the office and would they consider letting him work from home.  They said no to working from home but they said YES to working from home two days a week!!   So he got to work from home two days a week and on those days he would sleep in to his heart’s content and had the freedom to pretty much spend his day as he pleased.  At the time this really left me pondering the question “slacker” or one smart computer dude?!


So I invite you to ask yourself … how could you bring a little more delight to your to-do list? Clean the house while dancing and singing to your favorite cd.  Write the proposal on the dock at the lake.  Invite a friend to go with you on your jog (and buy an awesome outfit to wear so you feel cool and sexy while you do it!).  Ask your boss to work from home a couple days a week.  Get creative! Play with your chores, set the stage for delight, enjoyment and relaxation, no matter what the task. 


The world is a really fun place if you are willing to break out of your routines and open your mind to the possibilities! Better fluff up my pillows, throw on some Enya and get a new cup of tea, I have more work to do!


With Love,




  1. From one coach to another, I loved what you wrote here. Thanks.

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