Wishes Granted and a Beautiful Start to the Day

During the Make Your Life Program I created me “Peace Schedule.”   It was the perfect plan for me to have a blissful existence. 


6 AM wake and walk
7:00 Meditate
7:30 Journal
8:00 shower
8:30 tidy
9:00 hello day!


Great idea.  Happens sometimes, but not so much.

No harm no foul. In the big world of life-making I have come to see this is a journey and as long as I keep moving forward little by little the pieces will come together quite naturally; which brings us to my latest piece of the puzzle being delightfully inserted.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to someone how great it would be if  someone built a fitness facility in one of the retail spaces around the corner.  I am fortunate enough to live within a 1 minute walk of the friendliest Starbucks in the world, the perfect Irish pub for cold winter nights, a beautiful salon that sets me up with trashy magazines and tea and pampering; would a gym be too much to ask?

Then 2 days ago, I was thinking to myself.

“I really should get to the gym. If the gym was next door I would totally go.” 

This was my thought. Then, yesterday I went for a walk with my husband and we did a Starbuck’s run on the way home.  There, on the community board, was the loveliest flyer for a 6 am walking club that leaves from Starbucks every day of the week.


“6 am wake and walk”

“If the gym was next door, I would go.”

Sounds like things are lining up!

I am very pleased to say that I bounced out of bed when the alarm went off at 5:45.  I donned my warmest gear, took out the recycling and went looking for some similarly bundled folks.  The were the only people in the coffee shop and they greeted me excitedly, seeing their beautiful flyer had pulled a new member. 


We walked. It was perfect and now It’s off to ….


7:00 Meditate
7:30 Journal
8:00 shower
8:30 tidy




Make it a great one.




Coach Joelle

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