Overcome Your Fears One Dauntless Moment At A Time

Face Your Fears With Dauntless living courage coach joelle

Let’s face it.

Being a living, breathing human being is not for the faint of heart.  


Whether you are the ambitious Silicon Valley millennial, 

The executive, leading a global organization,

The rock star, the movie star or the sports hero,

And yes, even the life coach who is supposed to have this “life” thing all figured out….

No matter what you have achieved, how cool your title is or how far you have come ….


I mean white-knuckled, tallest fastest rollercoaster backwards with a 200 foot vertical drop, SCARY.

Don’t deny it. You’ve felt it, I know I have, often, and guess what?


To show up every day, get out of bed and face life takes courage and a brave heart and that, my friend, makes you a flipping HERO in your own epic adventure!



 adjective \?e-pik\

: a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures

: very great or large and usually difficult or impressive

That’s right! Stand a little taller, take a deep breath, get fitted for a cape because you are AMAZING!

And though the threats in your landscape don’t walk around in a black mask with theme music and while your trials may be more subtle, they are no less sinister.

Do you dare stand up and speak up, exposing yourself, risking a wrong answers and being subjected to the scrutiny of others?

Do you say “yes” to that dream job or new business knowing that you may try and fail?

Do you open your heart to love again when all you have gotten so far is rejection and heartbreak?

For those who are committed to being true to themselves and going after their dreams, there can only be one answer.  YES!

For every epic hero (yes, I am talking about you) there comes a point in the journey where you have no choice but to step towards the things that you fear because, behind the monster, on the other side of the chasm, your life is waiting to be saved.



: Very Brave, fearless, undaunted <a dauntless hero>

So here is a thought for you.

What if like great movies, roller coasters and video games, your life was intended to be lived as an adventure, an epic quest? 

And what if any great life will also requires great courage to claim it?


Can you feel your brain shifting? Can you see the world opening up just a little?

Let me tell you about a breakthrough I experienced in my own bigness last year when I committed to “dauntless living”.

I got the idea after I devoured Veronica Roth’s Young Adult book Divergent (They made a movie of it too. Solid, but the book is delicious).  

In the book, teenagers must leave their families and dedicate their lives to a “faction” of their choosing. 

Each faction has a particular flavor and code of conduct ( ie. “Amity” wears cheery red and is nice to everyone;  “Candor” wears black and white and tells it like it is, you get the idea.)

In the book, our protagonist, Tris, embraces a life of danger and adventure by joining “Dauntless”.

Those who are claimed by the Dauntless faction wear black, are brave, climb Ferris wheels, zip line off of impossibly tall buildings and generally kick butt.

For Tris to survive in her newly chosen life she needs to be capital B BRAVE and go for it with everything she has, or risk losing it all.

As I watched her rise to the challenges and grow into a stronger, more powerful version of herself, I was inspired to ask…


 “What would my life be like if I lived with the intention of being dauntless?”


Sit with that for a moment…. ( Deep Breath.)

Immediately, I could see that my life would be bigger, my learning more rapid, my contribution expanded and I knew in that moment that the life I came here to live required me to live dauntlessly.

As a result I set up my own code, my own set of rules to support me in standing tall, facing my fears and living my truth.  Here is what I came up with…


My Dauntless Life

In moments when I’m shaken – when I pause, afraid that I will try and fail – when I am certain that I “screwed up” – when I think someone dislikes, disagrees with or judges me – when I am embarrassed or ashamed, certain they will all find out that I am a massive “loser” (um ya, I wrote that)  I must remember:


·         I choose to live a dauntless life.

·         Fear = A golden opportunity to engage my courage, face my dragons and triumph in the direction of my dreams.

·         I will not allow fear of judgment and criticism from others stop me from living the life I came here to live.

·         I act and speak boldly, from my heart and my truth.

·         I am perfect, whole and complete (even in my imperfection).  Everything is here to grow me into who I came here to be, including (and especially) challenges, roadblocks and perceived threats.


All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good and out of THIS situation only good can happen, and I am safe.

(That last line is a favorite affirmation from Louise Hay that I have borrowed to find calm in the middle of any storm. Try it out for yourself. It’s awesome.)


Take Action:

Take a moment and think about those things that call your soul forward but terrify you at the same time. 

Think about those things that you want but the monsters of life seem to bar your entry.  

Now ask yourself “What would I do differently if I was living a dauntless life?”

Got it?

I Want To Hear Your Thoughts – Share In The Comments Below:

I would love to hear what dauntless living looks like for you.  Please share below:

a) One of your most courageous acts and why it made a difference for you.


b) Finish the sentence: If I were committed to living a dauntless life I would….



Beautiful work! Now go boldly forward,

connect to your bigness and

enjoy the adventure.








  1. Finish the sentence: If I were committed to living a dauntless life I would….
    eliminate the silly distractions I put in my own path and maintain focus on my goal to build the business of my calling.

  2. Rachel! Beautiful. Nice clarity and I hear a lot of strength in that statement. If you have not already I invite you to draw some parameters around that declaration for your self – what are the things you are going to stop allowing to distract you? What are the action that best align with your big vision and purpose? Take your clarity and go for it – your life (and the world) is waiting. BRAVO!!

  3. If I were committed to living a dauntless life I would commit to being a design advisor!

    I’m finding out more about being a design advisor to students after having been asked recently! This is a bit scary to me as I am transition myself into new opportunities…

    It’s funny how 1 dauntless task opens you up to other tasks!

    I’ve just opened myself up to 4 big new things: reuniting with my hubbie in Alaska, learning Mobile Site/App Design as much as possible and “skilling up” where I am lacking, committing to doing my art as much as possible, and trying this design advising thing!

    Reading about your breakthrough in Dauntless Living made me realize that 1 dauntless action lends itself to another – and creates a way of living! It’s like a domino effect of expansion. Awesome.

    Divergent is now on my summer reading list to boot!

    Thank you Joelle for another inspiring way of looking at life intentionally!

    • Eva! So great to hear from you and BRAVO for all of your courage and action. 

      “A domino effect of expansion”!!! LOVE THAT!  You are clearly on the path.

      Even reading your post is inspiring me. I look forward to hearing about Alaska and all of the new openings for creativing you are creating.

      Huge smiles.


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