Who’s on your side?



Today I was grappling with some of the big life issues, contemplating what to take on next, defining new directions, going deeper into my personal mission and my plan for this life.  This was a day when the coach needed some coaching.


On the way to a Reiki session I made a couple phone calls and on the way out the door I sent an email to two of my special “girl power” women in my life.  By the time I returned to the car after my appointment I had two returned messages, each from a special woman in my life ready to answer the call for support.


The first call I returned, I caught Jennifer graciously ready to spend my 40 minute drive exploring the nuances of my current inquiry.  She listened and gave her insight.  We shared some life stories and at the end of it I felt clear and peaceful. Upon returning home my dear friend Joan had sent me a 3 page email in response to my own, sharing insight, inspiration, encouragement and provocative questions for me to ponder.  I truly just sat there in awe.


Thank you Joan, Tonetta, Mom, Jen, and sweet sweet Alexandra (and all you special people I know I can call on when I need you) you are a gift to me and I am so grateful for your presence in my life. 


Thank you for being on my side.


I wish you peace.


In gratitude,



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