What If You Could Live A Radiant Magical Life?

Hi Gang!


Last week things felt a little heavy.


After years of being a coach I know that a little heaviness is OK. I do not have to be over-the-moon happy every second of the day and, as my mother says, “this too shall pass”.


It wasn’t anything particularly dramatic – I just felt a little “off”. I spent the week cracking jokes about how the recent solar flares were creating a disturbance in “The Force” and simply rode out the grey.


Over the weekend I was preparing for the March 20th launch of the Make Your Life Program by taking myself through the process that each new LifeMaker undertakes as they begin to uncover what they want to create and experience in their life from our time together.


Even though I have spent years with this process and practice and teach it daily, it always presents new surprises – and always the very best kind!


As I re-took the Make Your Life quiz and began filling out the accompanying “Prelude to a Dream” form a week of gloom began to lift.


With each question something new was unlocked and at some whole other level my very being reorganized itself.


Right there at the dining room table I witnessed the amazing process that unfolds when we focus and bring intention to our lives from a place of harmony, truth and light. And this is exactly why I created this program.



In a world of pressure, stress, fear and never-ending to do’s there is a more simple, more graceful and joyful way to live and each lesson of the Make Your Life program teaches you how to dance toward the future you want most while enjoying every juicy minute of the unfolding.


After delighting in the process of reconnection and grounding, the final question on the form brought the day’s journey to a head.


If you could fill in this blank with any word or words that best describe the life you would like to create, what word(s) would you use?


My __________________________ Life!







The answer sprang into my awareness without effort or resistance.


For the next two months as I support the new LifeMakers in creating their lives I will be living:


My Radiant Magical Life!


(Oh Ya Baby!)


As the forms roll in from those who will be joining me on the adventure, I get to glimpse into what is ahead for them.


One is creating her Joyful life!


Another A Healthy and Energized life!


Another A Balanced life.


And still another An Aligned and Peaceful life.


And this all from the pre-work form…. Look out Week 1 – Here we come!


What life will you make?


Join me for the adventure!


We begin Tuesday. Learn More









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