What I Think About The Youth of America

Wanna, know what I think about the youth of America?


Personally, I think they rock.


And no, not like the guitar-wailing, classic rock of their parents’ generation. I mean, they R.O.C. K. (They are Refreshingly Organized Conscientious Kids!(Ok, technically they are “young adults” but then it would spell ROCYA – which kinda works too ;-))


It all started several months ago when I got clear on something, and that was that I was tired of trying to be a one-woman show—a coach, marketing expert,  graphic designer,  editor, and web designer. I had big dreams and a big vision but I was worn-out from wearing all the hats. I wanted to just be me and bring my own skills, talents and passions to the table while surrounding myself with energetic people, each working in their own area of excellence.  Basically, I just wanted to coach and not be bogged down with all the technical details.


Now this all sounded great in theory, but I was not in a financial position to hire $250,000 worth of skilled professionals. Then, much to my delight, a friend shared with me a little website called ClevelandIntern.net, a website created for the purpose of matching employers with local college students.  I said to myself, “What the heck, Joelle?” and I signed up.  I began thinking about who I would want supporting me, if I could have anyone on my team, what skills would they bring?  So I wrote out my wish list of the characteristics and abilities I wanted my team to possess.


Within days, much to my delight, the resumes started pouring in.


Less than two months later, my business is thriving thanks to the incredible support of five amazing student interns.




May I Introduce…:


Megan and Jessica – both graphic design interns who are currently making PowerPoint presentations for various speaking events and designing logos for programs I’m developing.



LaShawn and Theresa – both digital video interns who advised me on equipment needed to produce in-house videos and created opportunity and motivation for me to get both a brand new computer and a video camera. We are currently in production on the “Things That I’ve Learned from My Cats” coaching video (watch for it!)


Monica – my writer/editor intern supporting the ever long-winded, spelling challenged Coach Joelle, cleaning up my writing and paying close attention to detail. She will be assisting me in writing my first book this summer and with a little direction, wrote the article you are reading right now ( so cool! ;-).)


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