What Happened in the Shower!



Ok, so some of you may know that I have been throwing off the restrictions of conventional life as I know it to delve deeper and deeper into my authentic expression of myself.  The task I took on 5 months ago was living from inspiration and letting go of doing anything because I “should” do, I “have to” do, or anything “in order to” make something else happen.  So basically, I took on just doing what I was moved to do because I was moved to do it.  I can tell you, so many adventures have ensued since, moments of doubt, fear, wonder, and tons of miracles.  


I was enjoying the journey greatly but still wondering how I could ever really live my life only from inspiration – I mean really – I liked the idea, I was seeing results but it was pushing the boundaries of even this eternal optimist. And then something happened this morning in the shower.


You see, yesterday, I was at a Landmark Education seminar called “Excellence in the Zone”.  It is really perfect timing since the idea of living in inspiration is pretty much the equivalent of living life in the zone, living in the flow or as they say “following your bliss”. 


One of the outcomes of yesterday’s lesson was to create a new possibility.  The possibility I created was:


“The possibility that by just being me, in joy and ease, I can have everything I could ever imagine.”


I said my new possibility hesitantly to my husband and his response was “Absolutely, it’s true.”  While I was doubting myself, I could see in the next moment how if he had made the same declaration I would have said “absolutely. it is true.”(It so funny how blind we can be when we are looking in at ourselves.) So I accepted this as my new possibility and stepped forth.


One hour ago, I was in the shower and a series of thoughts lead to an AHA that was so significant that I had to write it down – it was an idea for a women’s focused, group home study program that was a combination of several things I had done in the past and everything I was passionate about. I got on the phone to my mom, and ran the idea by her. As the conversation ensued I was able to flesh out the idea – the entire creation filled in through the conversation and then suddenly I saw it…..  This idea, 100% IS “me just being me, in joy and ease and having everything I could ever imagine!” It is that on so many levels and this is the kind of creation I could give my days and nights and my life to.  It is my possibility generated over night. Wow!


I wanted to share this to mark the moment when this new creation came into the world and to say once again that we are amazing beings with creative power beyond our imagination.  Life can be so full of joy and wonder and ease.  Believe it my friends.







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