What Are You Ready To Transform?

Hi Guys! 

I was out for dinner last week with a dear friend when the conversation turned to sustaining happiness and quality of life.

“How long have you been here?” my friend asked, gesturing in my general direction.  

I knew that by “here” she did not mean the restaurant or even Cleveland. What she was referencing was my way of “being”, the person I had become.  

I paused. “About 10 years -ever since I started living the principles.” I responded thoughtfully. “Life is a lot more balanced, the highs aren’t “manic” and the lows only go so low and they are not low for long. I’m happy and life is nothing short of an adventure.”

“I know!” she exclaimed.  “It is like I am living in this entirely different zone! I am more happy than I have ever been in my life!”    

To see this enthusiasm for life, this spontaneous expression of joy and awe for living, is why I created the Make Your Life Program.  Living in this “zone” where we stand responsible and powerful in support of our own happiness and in the creation of our dreams – this is totally where it is at!  

Only 13 short months ago, this friend found me on the internet and hired me as her coach. I did not know it when we first met but apparently that time she reached out to me was the lowest of her life.  A dark period at the edge of what had been several dark years. Together we got her reconnected to what really matters to her, to the longings of her heart that had been stifled out of doubt and fear.  She turned her thinking around.  Having always had an idea of the importance of optimism and how your thoughts create, this time she really got it, owned it and made focusing on the positive her top priority. She took massive action to make her dreams real and life started unfolding in the most awesome ways.  

3 months later she gave notice – she was ready to leave her stifling work environment and launch the business she had dreamed of for years.  6 months into self-employment she had sold enough business to cover her family’s finances for all of the following year. Today she is a powerful business owner, committed wife and mother and she is on a mission to bring so much goodness to the world.  

It is an honor to be part of her journey to truth, to joy and to fulfillment and I would love to be a part of yours. There is nothing I want more than to see you bringing your gifts to the world.

To see you freed-up.  

To see you shine.

That is why I created the Make Your Life Program.

We begin March 20th for 8 weeks of totally rocking LifeMaking.  

Read all about it HERE.

Share it with your friends.  Call me if you have questions:  1 (216) 320-9298 

It’s time to Make Your Life!  






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