What’s Limiting Your Life?


Hi Gang!


With another 6 weeks until the next Make Your Life Program I knew I couldn’t wait until then to start up another life-limiter’s list.


As you may know the making life-limiter’s list is the practice of listing all the stuff that is hanging out there waiting to be done, the things that are nagging you and are sucking mental energy every time you notice it, don’t do it and then come back to notice it again.


Life is so much cleaner and simpler when these things are taken off the list and my experience is that this cleaning up also gives you more direct access to all the good in life because your mind is quiet and ready to receive.


My list right now is lengthy and I figured I would share it with you to help hold me accountable.


So here it goes!


Things on Joelle’s life-Limiter’s list:


1. Bathroom caulk (my original solution did not work – time to try option 2)

2. Buy venetian plaster for bathroom

3. Get new light bulbs for office chandelier

4. Find a place to record or buy recording equipment and…. Record!!

5. Glue the hang-y down-y thingy on the bottom of the bed

6. Call Mike for bathroom repair (hmmm – lots o’ bathroom stuff)

7. Book with dermatologist

8. Find and book with OBGYN and/or GP

9. Sell something on ebay already!!! (I keep making piles and not actually sitting down to do it!)

10. Find a minimum of 10 fabulous communities that could be our next home.

11. Check out ICF Continuing education programs and narrow down to 3 possible paths to recertification.

12. Decide whether I will be visiting AZ/CA in the next month to get a little summery reprieve.


Ok, this is a good start. Between the ebay and the fixer upper stuff I will have a lot off my mind. With the doctor stuff it is probably about time and the sooner I find our new community the sooner we are off to a new adventure.


Here is my commitment.


(ohhhhh, this is where things get exciting!)


I commit to items …..


Oh heck – I will do it all this week. Period. (quick scan) yep, all of it!


I will be updating on twitter as I get things done (you can see my updates in the pink box on the right.)


If you would like to get to work on your own life-limiter’s list, go ahead and post below and we can cheer you on.


Hugs on a Monday!!




  1. Here’s my life limiters list:
    > move/unpack 1 box a day out of living room
    > start taxes
    > get curtains for bedroom to block out sun
    > figure out bills / honor my inner CFO
    > take a walk, get fresh air!
    > have tuff convos with roomies about “schtuff”
    > tie up loose ends with clients & contracts
    > exercise daily.
    > make sleep a top priority this week
    > plan/figure out trip to AZ & CA!!! (we are going the same places – too funny! – LOL)

    Hugs on a Tuesday!!!

  2. Go Eva!!

    Rock that list!

  3. Feeling great! Finished everything on the list except the ICF deal – I am having some challenges accessing that part of their website and they are in the process of getting me a pdf copy of possible courses. My location choices I have listed so far are far more vast than 10 but at least I got started on the search. And with the click of a button I will have officially ebay’d. I think I will go do that now!

    Oh, and I also cleaned out my car and did a bunch of returns that have been hanging out in my car for 3 months! Feels good to check those off the list.

    Coach J

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