Welcome to a fresh new year!

Hello everyone I wanted to get back in touch after a lovely holiday!


My husband and I spent a week in Canada with my mom, sister and extended family and I could take up pages just sharing about the joyful traditions, the amazing meals and all the love.  I won’t do that however, instead I will sum it up by saying, my family rocks, Winnipeg was a wee bit chilly and my husband and I would be very happy living at my mom’s house, she is the consummate mom!


I will be putting out a new issue of the LIVLOUD! Newsletter this week to address your  New Year ambitions, but if you are anxious to begin creating I invite you to check out my article, Dream Along With Me which I wrote for Ladies Who Launch, a wonderful women’s organization committed to entrepreneurship and creativity as a lifestyle. 


We are enjoying a delightful 60 degree day in Cleveland and while it is ridiculous to have this kind of weather in January, It has put the biggest smile on my face.  I love the smell of green. Ahhhhh.


Have a fabulous Tuesday.  We will talk soon.






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