Walk on the Wild Side

Saturday I woke with one thing in mind.




I was up at 8 and on the computer reading through notes a friend had given me from an “ultimate health seminar” she had attended.  I checked on line about bee pollen and “super foods” and antioxidants and once again took on the exploration of what would be best for my body, my skin, my longevity and the planet.  Living to a hundred, healthy and hot! Sounds like a good goal.


With this active morning I become clear about something else. There is a body, mind soul event in town and I wanted to go.  I tell my husband that this is on my agenda, he decides to come with me and what an adventure!


Upon entering the exhibit room there is a man climbing on someone on a table. The practitioner is Asian and he is performing some sort of shiatsu, massage, martial arts, primal scream therapy.  A group has gathered to watch him at his craft – a dancy, massage, wrestling type movement punctuated with loud shouts and groans. Never made it on the table but it was fun to watch!


We both got reflexology (the art of understanding and healing the body by rubbing your feet) and I loved the gal. She mentioned that my adrenal system was compromised and I should look at some supplements.  Smart gal, I went off my adrenal suppliments the last time I ran out and I realize it might have something to do with my desire to strangle a couple people over the past week.  


The reflexologist is also a reiki teacher ( energy work) and I have been really clear that this is something I am ready to take on learning more about. You know what they say, when the student is ready…well hello teacher!


I even met a lovely young woman to advise me on fasting and, joy of joys, colon cleansing! This is a good thing since the last time I tried a fast on my own I made it two days into the pre-fast ( only raw fruits and vegetables and some plant protein) before I realized I was really really really hungry, so serve up the meat and potatoes!


I got a lot of resources and answers at the event and I LOVED exploring it all with my guy ( we play so well together) but the most fun and our biggest answer was an unexpected adventure.


Pet Psychic!


Jeff saw the banner and immediately signed up.  His beloved pet Smokey had died recently and I guess he was just compelled.  Nothing I would ever choose but that was before we met Agnes Thomas PH.D Pet Communicator.


We have 15 mintues… the clock is ticking. “Tell me the names of your pets” she asks. Smokey – grey tabby – male – deceased – 17 years Bandit – Black and white – Female  17 years Zanadu – grey tortie –female -10 years Lucky – dark tortie – female -8 years Linguinee – grey tabby –female – 5 years “Who would you like to speak with first?” she asks. “Smokey” we both agree. Agnes calls on Smokey, supposedly finds him in the ether, introduces herself, tells him the she is with his “parents” and asks if she can talk to him. She immediately pauses and goes. “Oh, what a good boy. What a good natured cat! He is so sweet and friendly and laidback.” BINGO! Jeff looks at me eyes wide. These are the exact words he would use to describe Smokey. Jeff has always said that Smokey was like the kid is school that didn’t below to a particular group but got along with everyone. One point for Agnes. Then she asked him “What happened to your body?” Smokey’s response. “My kidneys were not that good and I got really thin.” Awe struck again! This is exactly what happened to him. We were giving him intervenes fluids for his kidney failure for 3 years and then he got really skinny until there was just nothing left of him.


By now we are crying. She asked him “What are you doing now?” He replied “playing in the meadow chasing butterflies.”  A bit of a long story but this was dead on as well. When she asked” Who greeted you when you came over?”  The description provided was immediately recognizable. A beloved uncle of Jeff’s that had passed the following year. We learned about what Smokey has in store for the next few months and that he has decided to come back as a black and white kitten next fall.


But wait… there’s more! Next we talked to Lucky.  Agnes said lucky was a little odd.  She was happy but there was something not quite right. Agnes asked Lucky .”What would fill your heart?” Lucky replied, “Hold me in your arms….” “That shouldn’t be so hard.”, Agnes interjected, but Lucky wasn’t finished. “But don’t hold me upside down!” Lucky said. “I don’t like looking at ceilings and I never learned how to “jump up”(as in jump up to the ceiling as opposed to jump down to the floor)” Jeff and I looked at each other, mouths gaping and we started laughing!  We are both notorious for grabbing lucky and holding her like a baby, on her back in our arms. But no more!


Finally we talked to Bandit. Bandit seems to have been trying to tell us something for some time now. “Something is wrong, my urine smells funny and I am uncomfortable in my tummy. Please do what you did before.” She told Agnes. We had just brought bandit to the vet the day before because of these exact issues and were about to start the treatment that we did “before”.


As a result of our adventure with Agnes a couple of things have happened. My husband got some closure around his dead pet and we will likely be on the hunt for Smokey reincarnated next fall. Lucky will no longer be held upside down by her misguided parents and I got a whole new appreciation for Bandit.  I have to admit, as awful as it sounds, I have resented her a bit, meowing all the time, waking me up, being “demanding”. But Agnes let me see that this kitty deserves nothing but my love and patience. She is old and she is hurting and the next time we chat with her I want to make sure she feels well taken care of by her new mom.


Stranger than fiction, perhaps, but if you have a pet with “issues” or you just want to connect with your furry friends I invite you to give Agnes a call.


Take a walk on the wild side!




  1. LOL! I Love you!!!!

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