This Friday… Get Your Joy On!

As some of you may know, I intentionally take Friday’s off.  Long ago I asked myself what a schedule for joy and ease looked like, and being able to wander around the world on a weekday while the rest of the world is still waiting for their weekend gave me a little twinkle in my eye (it feels a little like playing hooky :-).


The past couple of months I noticed that Fridays were not quite turning out as planned.  Little by little I was booking appointments or would end up spending the whole day working on a program or writing at my desk. 


Now don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to do work that needs to get done, even if it is on a Friday, the thing is that it was becoming a habit, and that my friends is not ok. So this Friday I had a 3:00 manicure/pedicure scheduled and I was looking forward to it all week!  It is one of my happy places and an angel works there… wait, I’ll share.


Friday morning, I woke and started the day getting organized, (one of my favorite things to do)! I went through binders and files that I had been creating for years and it was a truly amazing process to pull out a file from a back cabinet and realize that it is perfectly suited to be integrated into something I am working on right now!  wow! It really had me realize how I am being perfectly guided and how this thing I am up to is truly a life’s worth of work.  So cool! Then it was off to Aladdin’s ( my favorite Mediterranean restaurant just around the corner).  I had my meal in the sunshine, drank my coffee and completed and sent of a speaking proposal that I was really proud of. It was very pretty as I integrated client logos into the body and I really liked the formatting.  SEND! Completely satisfied, that was the end of my work day.


Then it was off to Starbucks, wrote a couple of thank you notes in the sun on the patio and mailed them just in time to partake in my final piece of Friday Joy! Bridgett’s is this little “old fashioned” feeling salon just down the street.  It does not have the cool Zen edge of some of the newer salons but it has something even better…. Bridgett’s has an angel working in the back.  Her name is Stephanie and she does my nails. When I enter into her presence she wraps me in care, hands me my magazines (gotta hear the latest on Brittney and Lindsay) gets me a glass of wine from next door and takes care of my feet.  Could anything be more delightful?!


So I spent the final hours of my afternoon in the quiet, loving care of my aesthetician.  It was delightful.  Not to mention that I kept catching myself over the weekend looking at my striking fuchsia, slightly iridescent toes and saying “it is good”.


New Coach Joelle Ritual…. Fridays, alternate, manicure/pedicure and massage.


Action item Monday AM: Book Friday’s massage. What could Friday hold for you?


Even if you are working, I invite you to consider what you could integrate to get a little Friday Joy.





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