Things I love

This morning I woke with  a list of things I love running through my mind. I thought I would share.


I love….


A freshly organized closet

The way linguinnee’s tail puffs up when she is feisty!

My new spa bath robe

A hot bath with candles and a book in the middle of winter

Talking with my mom

Dreaming with my husband



Music with meaning that makes me dance or cry

Brunch with Andy and Riddi

Little Miracles

BIG Miracles

The wonder of the world

My new wardrobes and the order within Spring in Cleveland

Watching the apprentice with my husband Sunday night

Creating anything

Exploring life

Sharing with friends

Giving myself in contribution

A 3 hour meal with a great bottle of wine (or 2)

The perfect cup of coffee

Massages YUM!


Climbing things

The smell of green things

The wind

The smell of wet desert

Staring at my husband’s face when he is happy

Alanis Morissette (it’s true – she makes the list)

Reminiscing with Squiffy (my “seeester”)


Guinee in her bowl (my little cat likes to warm herself in a bowl on the radiator)

Wine on the patio with the girls

Feeling great in my body

Feeling the joy of life welling up in my chest

Standing in awe of the world

Knowing that all is well and always will be



Hmmm, I like this list. You are invited to share yours below. 


Enjoy, it will put a smile on your face.





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