There is nothing like yoga

To demonstrate how ridiculously inflexible a person is!


So I am on day 6 of my 21 day detox cleanse and while I have so much to report on, from the green sludge I drink for breakfast to the very interesting stuff I am learning about the impact of heating your food over 114 degrees,  today I am going to share about my yoga experience.


Part of the cleanse program is that I get unlimited yoga, pilates and girotonics and I am using the opportunity fully.  The space at Inspiral motion is a lovely quiet space full of lithe gracious women.  Just being there makes you want to drink green tea and eat organic.  I have had the pleasure of attending 3 classes and each was full of adventures in inner peace and the wonder of a body.  I really just want to share with you the insight I gained in these classes on the nature of the body. 


As I mentioned at the start, I am completely in awe of how inflexible I am!  I cannot fathom how the other folks in the class can get their nose down to their knees while I have a two foot gap between my head and the little spot on my leg where I am supposed to be able to rest it. Truly amazing! And I am intrigued by the possibility of someday being able to move and contort my body in such ways. More importantly, I noticed how much of my body does not get used in my day to day life.  Even with running and walking, for those of us who sit a lot there are parts of the groin and ribs and lower back that are for the most part ignored. 


As I stretch and bend and move these parts of me my body opens, releases and says AHHHHHH. I can feel myself releasing stress I have been carrying for years, my body is realigning and little chronic aches and pains seem to be slipping away. I can see how this type of movement, this flowing, intentional, stretching, opening serves a whole other world that the weightlifting and running does not touch.


Yoga is nothing new, in fact, it is ancient.  I have done it at numerous points in my life and likely you have checked it out in the past, but just in case you forgot as I did, the beauty and healing power of this movement, I invite you to check out a yoga class for your body, mind and soul.





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