The Path to Hot!

Hello gang!


I am delighted to report that I have taken on a new level of commitment in my quest to having the body of a dancer! When I shared this possibility with my dear friend Alexandra Jaye she was inspired to support me and to come along for the ride!  We were on the phone for a good hour on Friday (she in California (sigh) , and me in Cleveland) fleshing out our commitment to our bodies and ourselves and we created some real fun around it! I am so grateful Alexandra is supporting me in this adventure because she is passionate about health and wellness and is a phenomenal athlete. I know I have so much to learn from her.


So here is the latest clarity and action! We are both passionate about movement and self expression so there is a definite focus on bringing dancing and singing and fun into what we are creating for ourselves. Also when Alexandra asked me where I was at in the process and what I knew I needed to do something became very clear to me…


To have the body of a dancer it is not something I can do as an after-thought inside of a busy life. I got clear to have the body of a dancer, to really make it happen, I need to put my life inside of creating the body of a dancer. Another way of saying this is to that I choose to make having the body of a dancer and everything involved with creating that body a number one priority. 



In coaching we talk a lot about “context”, it is the background of the life we are living or where life is coming from.  The context I live in is “creating a delightful life” and as of right now, inside the context creating a delightful life I am creating the overarching context “living into the body of a dancer.” This is a very exciting context for me and a total inspiration that has me excited to go to the gym and passionately making and eating salads! 🙂


One other thing that was created out of my conversation with Alexandra is that we are holding a body celebration at the end of our journey to “HOT”.  We have decided that in celebration of our success, when we reach our goal, we will get together for an all-out photo shoot! HOW FUN IS THAT!! Now that is some motivation! I am totally jazzed! T


o give you a little insight on what I am clear to do at the moment to create the body of a dancer, here is what I have so far.


What I know to do:


Sleep – lots of it.

Water – conscious and intentional of consumption.

Vitamins daily and bring mid day and end of day vitamins if I am away from home.

No caffeine – not even when I am hanging out at my husband’s office and not in the form of diet cola. (bye bye caffeine-induced joy 🙁 )

Carry Stevia on me at all times and have it supplied at home. (If you are unfamiliar with Stevia it is an all natural sweetener and my personal choice when it comes to healthy sweetening options. You can get it at most health food stores.)

No artificial sweeteners – bye bye diet coke.

Follow food plan to a T (see more about this by reading about my adventures with Paul Koros and the Eating for Success ™ program.)

Ample fruits and vegetables and have then chopped and ready to go in the fridge. (just like the spa fridge article from Chef Rachel click here to read)

Alcohol consumption to plan guidelines.  Max 1 drink on weekdays 2 on weekends.

Physical activity daily whether that is going to the gym, taking a class, a brisk walk or jog or dancing in my living room.


First Steps:


Pick up some Stevia (Done)

Contact Dance Studio

Contact Pilates Studio


So that is the latest in my body adventure.  I would love to hear if you have been inspired and have decided to take on something powerful for your body and your vitality. Perhaps you are taking on your own “quest for hot”.  I would love to hear about it so please share what you are up to in the comments below.


As a final note, I am very committed to this plan and having this body. Not as an event in time but as a lifestyle. If you happen to be in my world I invite you to hold me accountable to my commitment. If you happen to see or hear of me doing anything other than what I have said here, call me on it.  Thanks for your support!


Hugs on a beautiful rainy Sunday morning.





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