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So for those of you who are really ready to livloud and take on being true to yourself…here are a few simple practices to get you started!
1) Identify one or two words that you would use to describe you at your best or words that you feel embody the way you want to be in the world.
 EG. Confident and loving
 EG. Passionate and committed
 EG. Courageous and knowing
2) Act from these words:
  Let's imagine that the best version of you would be “courageous". When confronted with a challenge or something you fear, being true to yourself, you would ask “what would “courage” do with this situation”.  Listen closely and then take action from your commitment to the courageous you.
3) Speak from these words:  Let's imagine that your best self would be “confident”.  If you notice you are feeling self conscious about expressing yourself for fear of ridicule or embarrassment, remember your commitment to being true to yourself and in that moment, speak your mind from a place of confidence.
4) Choose from these words:  One of the great gifts in life is our ability to make choices. We can choose to speak or not speak, to love or not love, to take action or to not take action.  It may not always look like a choice but with practice you will notice that there is a moment between a thought about something and your response.  It is in that moment that you can insert your truth.  As an example, if your best self would be “loving”; then in that moment when someone you care about is grumpy with you, you get to choose, “lash out”, “retreat”, “ignore” ….”love”. 
If your commitment to yourself is at the forefront of your mind and if you make choices from that commitment, you will begin to see the expression of those choices in your life.
5) Live from these words: By choosing words such as  “love”, “courage”, “passion”, “commitment”,   that represent who you want to be in the world, and by consciously expressing them in everything you do, you become these words, to yourself and to the people around you.  If you walk in this world being “passionate” or “loving” or “courageous” in your word and in your action, it will not be long before your “passion”, “love” or “courage” permeates your relationships, your work, your leisure and actually becomes a regular and persistent way that you live your life.
Are you ready to begin Living Loud?
Then, I invite you to choose right now.  If you could live your life as an expression of any 2 or 3 words, what would those words be –  those words that embody the person you choose to be? Please write them below.
1) _____________________
2) _____________________
3) _____________________
Or even better yet, declare them in this blog!
Congratulations! You have your words and now, all there is to do is live them! :-)That’s right, now your job is to, in the face of life, choose these words for every second of every day of your life until you are ready to pick some new ones.  You are welcome to choose something new whenever the spirit moves you but the point of it all is that it is your choice.
Carpe Diem my friend! Seize this day to Livloud! It is the only way to live!
Much Love!
Coach Joelle


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  1. Great post, Joelle!! What a great way to go through life — choosing, thinking and acting from these words. I think I will live my life being unwaveringly cool, confident and committed!

  2. Grace Shanti says:

    Hey great to CLAIM these words as a TRUE expression of WHO I AM! 🙂 I now choose to live by, with and IN my PASSION, INTUITION and INSPIRATION! Gee this feels SO GOOD.
    Love GraceShanti

  3. Grace Shanti says:

    Opps P.S. Land DownUnder 🙂

  4. Hi Joelle,
    I choose inspiration, energy and abundance – these are the words that describe me
    Jane 🙂

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