The Look of Inspiration


Tonight I saw inspiration in action.  Tonight I saw the wonder of passion, expression and purpose and what Is possible when they converge.  Tonight I saw my husband speak to a room full of people about his commitment to the planet, the climate crisis, and what we can do, and I saw him become.


Jeff was one of 1000 people selected to be part of  The Climate Project, a program which is training select representatives to present slide show from Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth.  Last weekend we were in Nashville, Jeff was getting his training and I was getting spa treatments 🙂 .  I saw my husband become part of a community of people who are up to something big. I saw him reengaging in a passion that has had him since he was a teenager. I saw him meeting a man who years before inspired him to get a degree in environmental law. I saw his spark ignite and I knew his life would never be the same.


Tonight he stood in his community as an expert and he was embraced, celebrated and offered overwhelming support.


I am so pleased for him.


I am so proud of him.


I am so excited for what is unfolding for him because life and work lived from passion is all that I could ever hope for him or anyone.
Congratulations Jeff!


Your loving wife




P.S. If you would like Jeff or another member of the Climate Project to speak to your group contact him at to discuss possibilities.


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