The Latest Adventures of Coach Joelle


Good morning,


Life has been such an adventure recently.  It is as though I woke up with the spring.


The past 6 weeks have been perhaps the most fascinating 6 weeks of business I have ever experienced.  I know I should not be surprised but I am always intrigued by the magic of the world.


I woke up one day in April and decided it was time to go. It was time to get on it. It was like I told the universe “ok, Coach Joelle is open for business.” I took action, action found me and 6 weeks later I look back and marvel at the adventure.


I reemerged on the speaking circuit and perhaps for the first time felt like a grown-up, not a kid with a passion, but an expert with a message. The distinction creates something new both on my insides and to the outside world.


I have also reinitiated the “Introduction to Passionate Powerful Living” event and held a tele-class as well as a live class here in Cleveland.


As I prepared for the events, I had to laugh at myself, I had every word and every idea written down from over 18 months ago, but for some reason I had decided to leave it be until now.  (I often have that experience of getting an idea, doing a search on my computer and finding out that I pretty much had the entire thing fleshed out 3 years ago and it was just waiting for the right time to be revealed.)


Needless to say, my little events, well, like I said, now I get that they have a message to bring, a message that leaves people in tears and has people laughing and puts the sparkle in their eyes.  The last tele-class was followed by a flood of emails that left me smiling – life really is quite remarkable.


“Wow!  I’m pretty sure that life shifted forever for me during our call last night.  Is that possible in one hour??  (yes it is) I don’t mean to sound overly dramatic, but something really changed for me.


I stated my intention… "I want to create an abundant life" during the call, and then I just felt it to the core.  I could see it and feel it for the first time in my life.  I felt it so deeply that I could hardly articulate my thoughts.  And guess what happened??….


Well…. it was literally raining abundance all over my life last night and today! “ (Love it!)


So I am doing what I have always done but it is as though there is a new me doing it. A me that can own the breadth and depth of what I get to do here with my life. A me that understands that it is not about me, that everything I have become has come together to serve this message and as I grow in it, sharing the message is like breathing.


Another part of the adventure has been an adventure is sales.  6 weeks ago I said it was time to get new business. Today, I watch it happening like someone turned on the tap.  New clients come to me every day, being referred through the community, finding me on the internet and seeing something exciting for themselves through my speaking. I have actually had the thought that I might need to start hiring coaches.  So interesting.


I started 5 interns in my business over the past 3 weeks.  I hope to write an article on it ( or specifically, Monica, my writing editing intern will likely write the article) but let’s just say that all the old joys and fears of having a team have come sweeping over me as I have gotten to know these lovely young people, intent on making their summer one that deeply enriches their personal and professional experience.


The Make Your Life Program starts Monday and I have been diligently preparing for it over the last 3 months.  I feel as thought the beginning of the program will be the start of a great exhale after months of anticipation and activity.


So here I am, and it is a good place. Many of the things I have done in the past 6 weeks have scared me, some even terrified me but I knew that courage and the capacity to find a new point of view was the answer to success and deep peace in the process.


As it turns out, it appears that I am not the only one who has been pushing the boundaries this spring.  I had a conversation with a client last night who has also been stepping out and being brave.  He asked when it would get easier, as he had done 7 brave things in a month and it still felt hard!  I smiled and asked him how easy/hard it would have been to do it 6 months ago. His response, he would never have dreamed of doing these things 6 months ago.  His homework is to do 5 “out there” things this week – just imagine what he will be creating by fall!




Monday was the first day the felt like summer. It was even warm in the shadows. And today I feel rested and peaceful as I enter into the quiet days of the week when I write, and organize and sit under trees.


Thank you for being a space for me to share. Sending hugs to you and wishing you all the joy that a warming spring can bring.







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