The Joys of Green Sludge! YUM!

Well, I am in week 2 of my Detox cleanse and I am having a blast! 


That means it is officially 13 days without any kind of animal product including fish and dairy.  The whole process is quite miraculous as I am discovering that at least for short periods of time, my body can live quite happily on fruits vegetables and the prescribed green sludge that is part of the program. 


This week we have gone from a vegan diet to completely and solely raw foods in addition to psyllium husks, digestive enzymes, probiotics and this special clay that absorbs toxins.  We have also added Kamut which is the equivalent of wheat grass, some sort of concentrated oxygen, 8 ounces of freshly squeezed vegetable juice and 8 ounces of something called energy soup (10 different vegetables in a blender eaten raw).


At first it all seemed a little overwhelming but as I said, I am completely in awe of the way my body is taking to it all.  When I drink my spinach and cucumber juice my tongue says YUM! No cravings for sugar or alcohol (not sure how that happened). And I am having a blast collaborating with the serving staff at restaurants to see how I can stay on my program and still have an interesting and enjoyable meal. 


On Saturday I had my first trip to a new tapas restaurant called Light bistro with my husband and another couple.  I discussed with our server what I was up to (raw foods – nothing cooked over 114 degrees, no meat, dairy or sugar) .  He went back to speak with the chef and upon his return he says no problem and asks me if I would like a 4 or a 5 course meal! WOW! It was amazing and delicious and everyone at the table was looking over at the masterpiece I was being served.


I have also discovered the pure delight of raw cocoa nibs (the raw bean) with almond milk, a bit of organic coconut, stevia (herbal sweetener) , a banana and some ice.  We are talking on heck of a healthy, totally delicious chocolate milkshake!


Which brings us to the big test.  


For the next 3 days I will be at the east coast Bar and Nightclub convention and trade show. If the pictures on the website did not tip off that this will be one massive party, then the fact that no on is admitted under 21 pretty much sealed he deal.  So I am off to work my raw food/no drinking/ MUCHO health plan inside of a massive eating and drinking festival.  BRING IT ON BABY! Once I make it through this I know that next weeks fast will be a breeze!


If any of you happen to be drawn to the idea of a cleanse I would highly recommend it. I am acquiring a whole new relationship to food as fuel and to what a body is capable of. Grab yourself an apple and chug some green sludge!






  1. That is AWESOME! Congrats. I love how the restaurant was so accomodating with your diet. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Kristen’s Raw

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