The Enlightened Ones


A friend of mine shared a CNN clip about a child prodigy name Akiane. This child paints love and hope and peace and the face of god. There is no other way to say what I see in her paintings and her poetry.


This little one speaks with grace and clarity in her interview and it has me musing about the world.


In the interview you hear how she started seeing visions and in her experience was shown heaven and god, and all this while her mother was an atheist. It has me remembering a conversation with a friend of mine. She shared with me how she knew god from day one. There was no talk of god in her home but she knew there was something more, she knew the maker of the universe was there by her side. I marvel at this because I …envy is not the word, …I… wonder at how life would have been if I had the peace, clarity and access to the magic of the world when I as a child. Hm. That seems like it would have been nice, but I guess we all have our path to walk and mine was to have glimpses of knowing until now, as the floodgates open.


Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to watch this clip and to check out Akiane’s art and poetry, I see and hear truth in it and perhaps you will find some there as well.


The world is a wonderful and miraculous place, may you know this.


With love,





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