The Election, Standards of Behavior and The Future of a Nation


 Hello citizens of America!


I have been thinking a lot recently.  I have been thinking about the times we are in and the current affairs.  The world waits as America fights for its future in an intense election and navigates an economic situation that is arguably the most challenging of the modern age.  And here I am, someone who tends not to pay attention to such things, paying very close attention to such things and recognizing that it would be inappropriate to let this period pass without comment.


My job, my commitment in life is for all people to experience the magic of a life lived on purpose.  I stand for love, peace, courage and people just being happy.   While I am an imperfect person and I do not always hit the mark, these are the things to which I aspire and what I want to create in my own life and in the world.


 So in the face of the world at this moment (and the US in particular) I will put aside my usual bright eyes and happy, empowerment-centered message to share a reflection of this moment in history.


I have thought for weeks now.  What do I write about all of this? How do I share without hurting offending or alienating some part or other of the population during these heated times?   It has left me relating to a line by Canadian singing group, Moxi Fruvous, a satirical often political group of buskers that became a staple in the mainstream Canadian pop scene in the 90’s.


The line in question opens a song entitled “The Gulf War Song” written about the first gulf war.


“We got a call to write a song about the war in the gulf,
but we shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
So we tried….. then gave up…. Because there was no such song.
But the trying was very revealing.”


I understand how they felt.


Over the past months I have been forwarded many emails (as I am sure you all have) that have come from people I have respected and admired speaking very specifically and passionately about the election and the candidates. It takes courage to share such strong views and I will not be following their lead.  


The truth is that after the primaries I would have voted for either candidate happily, I was actually quite content because what I saw in that brief shining moment was a better world either way and two men who shared my views and would take us to a brighter future.  But today, I do not feel that. In this race I have seen things that trouble and disappoint me, things that make me question what we are doing, what are we becoming as a nation and what values we are fostering.


I stand here, watching an increasingly heated struggle for power between two parties and the echoing response from the public; angry chanting, booing, defacement of property, violence and even someone carving up their own body to fuel the fire of divisiveness and fear.


While some of this activity is certainly the behavior of a few unstable people, how much of this is actually created by the negative campaigning, antagonistic speaches and that “anything goes” mentality of the modern election?



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Sometimes a coach just has to take a stand.  Read away, comment at will and please, please VOTE!





  1. Hi Joelle,

    I am in agreement with your post and it is very disappointing how people are behaving during this election. Your point was proven this past week with me in a forum that I’ve been an active member for nearly 3 yrs. I decided to speak out and call some people on their actions, albeit, I wasn’t the most diplomatic. I’d been a very positive part of the forum and found people whom I encouraged and supported over the years turn on me because my viewpoint differed from their’s.

    They went as far as to attack other areas of my personal life, which have no relevance in the fact that I just had an opinion that was differing than the majority in that forum, that became quite vicious and militant.

    I’ve heard of people’s homes, vehicles, etc. being vandalized and even some people being physically hurt. Though I have voted in every election since I was 18, which this will be my 6th presidential election, I have never seen so much mudslinging in all my life.

    The focus has been to bring out all the wrong in the other person and distort things, rather than just focusing on the facts. People think freedom of expression is not truly that, rather it is what the majority deems as correct and not respecting differing viewpoints.

    Today I had lunch with a long time college friend whom we couldn’t be more opposite in viewpoints in many things, however, in the 20 or so years we’ve been friends, we’ve never demeaned, yelled, ridiculed the other person for her viewpoint. We have mutual respect and just listen, perhaps question to better understand that person’s point-of-view.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that what you wrote was very true and you said it so much more eloquently than I could’ve.

    Many Blessings,

  2. coach joelle says:

    Thank you for Sharing ladies. It took some courage to speak my truth on this one and I really appreciate your comments. Let us all be agents for peace and compassion at this moment in time and may today mark the beginning of something new.

    Sending love, on election day.

    Coach Joelle

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