Thank a Lemon Today!   I thanked a lemon today.  


I have taken on a new practice of freshly squeezing a lemon into a glass of warm water to start my morning.  It is supposed to be good for cleaning the liver and I figure cleansing the liver sounds like a pretty good idea, as far as good ideas go.


So I am squeezing the juice out of the lemon and this thought comes to me… “Thank you for giving me your life essence to cleanse and nurture my body.” Hmmm, that is a new thought.


I had recently reread the Body Ecology Diet ( a great book about restoring healthy balance in the body) and it said something about only eating fresh fruit and vegetables instead of canned because with the canned vegetables they have “lost their chi, their life essence.” In the moment when I was squeezing that lemon I had sudden clarity that this lemon had sacrificed its life essence for me and I felt it appropriate to express my gratitude.


Then I had the thought, what if I had the same level of reverence for every berry, every, leaf, every fish or animal that gave their life for my survival and I suddenly got it! I have heard people take that stand before but I never fully understood.


So I am taking on a new level or awareness and appreciation for this fabulous planet of life forms that gave their lives so I could have mine.


“Thank you lemon.”


love Joelle


  1. So simple and yet so profound. I will take this on as well.

    Hmmmm….that doesn’t leave a lot of room for the preservatives and artificial dyes and flavors in our food, does it?

    I think you are onto something there, Coach!

    A really good book on eating foods in their natural state is The Origin Diet.

    Love ya, J!


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