"Working with Coach Joelle opened my eyes to all the possibilities in the world for me. Each day I understand more and more that literally, ANYTHING I want to do, be or achieve is within my reach." ~ Penny Lumley, Phoenix, AZ


"Working with Joelle has really given me the tools to own my power, to trust my intuition and to follow my dreams no matter what." ~ Alexandra Jaye Johnson, Ojai, CA


“Extraordinary event! From the depth of my soul you breathed the energy of inspiration, hope and empowerment into every woman in that room.” ~ T krone, MTI solutions


"Joelle is a spiritual detective" ~ Angela Gotch.  


"This is how it feels when you discover something real – someone that ignites that spark inside of you. Today I can show up, be me and trust myself and for that I am truly grateful." ~ Heather, Cleveland, OH


"Each week I made a commitment to small actions and opened myself up to new experiences. At first, it was small wins and then, whammo! My life changed so dramatically and amazingly, I keep pinching myself to remind me it is real!"  ~ Joanne, Atlanta, GA    


"Childhood trauma’s held me back from the life I wanted to create. She attacked those demons from her safe, loving place, and in one hour broke through what 100 hours of therapy could not touch." ~ Katrina, Scottsdale, AZ