Take A Walk With Your God


My mother has often expounded the joys of walking. 


I hear daily of her early morning power walks and more casual strolls with dear friends.


I have recently come to appreciate a good walk and this summer, have even found a few kindred spirits to participate in my outdoor adventures. 


Few things have proven more satisfying than to debrief at the end of the day over a brisk walk with Nikki around Shaker Lakes (I say brisk because she times the whole event and sets the pace and she is about a foot taller than me.) My husband Jeff will indulge me with a heart-to-heart as we walk around our well-treed block or head down the street for gelato.  


Sometimes I “wance”, walk-dance, to Alanis or Zen out to a little Wayne Dyer or walk with the angels with the help of Doreen Virtue and my trusty iPod.


Sometimes I walk for exercise, sometimes to get out pent-up stress and sometimes just to be in nature after long day at the desk.


But recently…. I tried something new. 


I decided to try a walk without purpose.  I decided to leave the iPod at home and not call a friend.  I decided to leave the running shoes in the closet, throw on my flip flops and take a walk to nowhere and everywhere as I let God lead the way.


Now you can call it whatever you want to, but for me, when I just step out into the world and see where my feet take me, that is inviting God to lead the way.  When I start walking with no purpose or destination and find myself having countless adventures, this is the magic of the universe at work.


In my walks with everything with nothing in mind, I have found a new world revealed.  I wander down streets that I never noticed before.  I hear things that would have gone unheard over the pounding music, the chatting voices or the ceaseless chatter of my own restless mind. 


Activity is everywhere as I experience the chirping round of the Cicadas passing their song from the tree tops as they do a sort of vocal wave up one side of the street and down the other. 


I stumble upon a squirrel no more than 2 feet away on the sidewalk.  He sees me, but does not run.  I hunch down beside him to take it all in as he spots a round green nut which he promptly grabs and takes up the tree.  Just out of my reach he begins to chew chew chew away at the green outer shell to reveal the nut beneath.  I watch in awe.  I look down at the ground and see that I am standing in a pile of green shell remnants, a testament to his work ethic and then realize my squirrel has a friend as a newly shorn shell drops from the tree on my head.


Smells everywhere – beautiful, fragrant – and I notice that certain trees have already begun to lose their leaves BIG TIME.  I had been previously unaware that entire lawns have already been given a sprinkling of fallen leaves. Autumn is here.


I spot a bright red leaf on a green hedge and beside it, a huge white flower with a pink center that has always been closed and sleeping when I walked by at the end of the day.  What a wonder.


As I round the corner and approach a busy street, I realize that even the early morning traffic has a warmth to it.  I welcome the line of cars waiting for the light and those whizzing by, not a detraction or annoyance in my day but one more thing to notice and appreciate.


In this world of doing, productivity, activity and functionality I invite you to consider the next time you are looking for something to do, perhaps you could just go for a walk.  A walk without purpose or direction; a walk without accompaniment or distraction; a walk with just you and your creator and the wonders of this world.


With Love,


Coach Joelle


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