Feeling A Little Stressed? Take A 5-Minute Video Break for 5 Fun and Fast Tips For A Less Stressed You!

Hi guys,   Just in case you are one of those people who has stress in your lives (A.K.A. you are a human being)… here is a little something to help unload your work week pressures and get you chilled-out for a fabulous weekend.   STRESS, we all have it, it’s a part of life, however, I think […]

When Nature Calls…. Pick Up!

The world we have created allows us to live without ever stepping foot in a garden or being surrounded by silent wilderness. We have done an excellent job of separating ourselves, but along with the comforts of a warm bed and central air, we have deprived our souls of the wisdom and beauty that is nature’s alone to give. Join Coach Joelle as she overcomes anxiety by exploring the truths hidden in natures embrace.