What If You Could Live A Radiant Magical Life?

Hi Gang!   Last week things felt a little heavy.   After years of being a coach I know that a little heaviness is OK. I do not have to be over-the-moon happy every second of the day and, as my mother says, “this too shall pass”.   It wasn’t anything particularly dramatic – I […]

What Are You Ready To Transform?

Hi Guys!  I was out for dinner last week with a dear friend when the conversation turned to sustaining happiness and quality of life. “How long have you been here?” my friend asked, gesturing in my general direction.   I knew that by “here” she did not mean the restaurant or even Cleveland. What she was referencing […]


Hi  Guys!   For our first Make Your Life Interview of 2011 it is my honor to introduce you to Top nutritionist, author and health expert Natalia Rose.    I was first introduced to Natalia on my own journey to greater health and vitality.  As I read her books on raw food and detoxification, her approach […]

How To Get Out Of The Gloom: Clouds In My Living Room

Hi Guys!     Did you know I possess an amazing superpower?!   That’s right, I, Joelle Prochera can create clouds in my living room!!!   Let me elaborate.  Have you ever had a time in life when everything just seemed a little dimmer, when the colors were less bright and life seems somehow distant […]

Are you willing to go “all the way” to have the life you’ve imagined?

As human beings, we are pretty remarkable. Almost anything we can dream up we can create in our lives, but (and there‚Äôs a BIG BUT) it is going to take something. Great lives do not come from sitting around and numbing to the TV and great change does not come from being comfortable and doing what you have always done. Are you willing to go beyond fear, beyond discomfort, beyond what you know, to have that thing, experience, or accomplishment you have imagined in your life. Coach Joelle wants to know “Are you willing to go all the way?”

Know Your Limits

It is the 11th consecutive weekday that I have attended the 6 am Cleveland Heights walking club which departs from the neighborhood Starbucks.  5 days of walking (a little over an hour each day) plus 2 days of Gyrotonic inside of one week and I am learning a little bit about the limits of my […]

Go Ahead… Be A Quitter Part 1

Hi guys,    Resilience, commitment and the capacity to take something to its completion are all important aspects of powerfully creating a life you love.  On the other side of the equation it is equally import to know when it is time to drop out, let go, and joyfully announce I QUIT!   How many […]

This Friday… Get Your Joy On!

As some of you may know, I intentionally take Friday’s off.  Long ago I asked myself what a schedule for joy and ease looked like, and being able to wander around the world on a weekday while the rest of the world is still waiting for their weekend gave me a little twinkle in my […]