What If You Could Live A Radiant Magical Life?

Hi Gang!   Last week things felt a little heavy.   After years of being a coach I know that a little heaviness is OK. I do not have to be over-the-moon happy every second of the day and, as my mother says, “this too shall pass”.   It wasn’t anything particularly dramatic – I […]

See Be Do Get and the Mecca of Men – Part 2

Hi guys!   Last week we explored a powerful model that was instrumental in illuminating some of my personal stumbling blocks on my way to love.  If you recall, I was shocked to find that all my broken relationships were not the fault of the myriad men I had dated but, in fact, were due […]

The Magic Time at The Edge of Years

There is always a little magic in these days.      These days after the holidays when we count down to a New Year filled with the anticipation of what can be.  This is a time when we can stop and take a breath.  A time when we can take a few brief days, a […]

A Love Story – Creating a Magical Life

I have to tell you a story.   It is a story about a woman who was in the Make Your Life Program last year, who has since become a dear friend.  Though we have never met in person there is a love and a bond between us and I am so grateful to know […]