Make Your Life Quiz And A New Site! Sooooooo Exciting!

Hi Guys!     I know it has been awhile.  Ok, longer than awhile.  It’s been FOREVER since I wrote a full-on blog post!     You see, I have been in this interesting place; a place where contemplation and grounding have been more important than action and output.   Many months ago, I went through […]

I Hereby Call This Life To Order!

  Well hello!   As you’ll recall, last week I defined the parameters of my highest ideals and began zealously embodying them in “The Integrity Experiment”.   As I put the finishing touches on my 30 day plan for exceptional living and got ready to execute, I wondered what joyous activity I would be inspired […]

Living To Your Highest Ideals: The Integrity Experiment

HI guys!   Last week was full of milestones.  Not only did I turn 38 but I also had the opportunity to complete two decades as a full-on contributing “adult” by attending my 20 year high school reunion.    Facing the people from high school was in many ways a last frontier for me.  I think […]

See Be Do Get and the Mecca of Men – Part 2

Hi guys!   Last week we explored a powerful model that was instrumental in illuminating some of my personal stumbling blocks on my way to love.  If you recall, I was shocked to find that all my broken relationships were not the fault of the myriad men I had dated but, in fact, were due […]

See Be Do Get And The Mecca of Men

Hi Guys!   If we’ve known each other for awhile, you no doubt have heard me expound the virtues of SEE BE DO GET, a simple but mind-blowingly effective model that can be used for everything from growing your income to getting along with your mother-in-law.   When I first began practicing this model 7 […]

Don’t Let Doubt Sit At Your Table

Hi Guys!     Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a brilliant young man whose capacity for risk-taking and his pure tenacity brought him significant entrepreneurial achievement well before the age of 30.    His name is Mike and, on the outside, Mike was living one heck of a success story but, on […]

How To Get Out Of The Gloom: Clouds In My Living Room

Hi Guys!     Did you know I possess an amazing superpower?!   That’s right, I, Joelle Prochera can create clouds in my living room!!!   Let me elaborate.  Have you ever had a time in life when everything just seemed a little dimmer, when the colors were less bright and life seems somehow distant […]

Pssst. Don’t tell anyone… but I just realized I am all grown up.

Apparently you can come of age at 37. Are you more powerful than you know? Have you “arrived”, become the person you dreamed of but haven’t stopped to notice it? Hear more about Coach Joelle’s personal revelation that somewhere the way, she became a grown up!

Living the adventure IN NYC

Hear about Coach Joelle’s adventure on the streets of New York City and get connected with the fun, joy and wonder that can be found if you are open and willing to say “YES!” when life invites you to dance!