Living To Your Highest Ideals: The Integrity Experiment

HI guys!   Last week was full of milestones.  Not only did I turn 38 but I also had the opportunity to complete two decades as a full-on contributing “adult” by attending my 20 year high school reunion.    Facing the people from high school was in many ways a last frontier for me.  I think […]

Are you willing to go “all the way” to have the life you’ve imagined?

As human beings, we are pretty remarkable. Almost anything we can dream up we can create in our lives, but (and there‚Äôs a BIG BUT) it is going to take something. Great lives do not come from sitting around and numbing to the TV and great change does not come from being comfortable and doing what you have always done. Are you willing to go beyond fear, beyond discomfort, beyond what you know, to have that thing, experience, or accomplishment you have imagined in your life. Coach Joelle wants to know “Are you willing to go all the way?”

Know Your Limits

It is the 11th consecutive weekday that I have attended the 6 am Cleveland Heights walking club which departs from the neighborhood Starbucks.  5 days of walking (a little over an hour each day) plus 2 days of Gyrotonic inside of one week and I am learning a little bit about the limits of my […]

The Joys of Green Sludge! YUM!

Well, I am in week 2 of my Detox cleanse and I am having a blast!    That means it is officially 13 days without any kind of animal product including fish and dairy.  The whole process is quite miraculous as I am discovering that at least for short periods of time, my body can […]