What If You Could Live A Radiant Magical Life?

Hi Gang!   Last week things felt a little heavy.   After years of being a coach I know that a little heaviness is OK. I do not have to be over-the-moon happy every second of the day and, as my mother says, “this too shall pass”.   It wasn’t anything particularly dramatic – I […]

See Be Do Get and the Mecca of Men – Part 2

Hi guys!   Last week we explored a powerful model that was instrumental in illuminating some of my personal stumbling blocks on my way to love.  If you recall, I was shocked to find that all my broken relationships were not the fault of the myriad men I had dated but, in fact, were due […]

Living the adventure IN NYC

Hear about Coach Joelle’s adventure on the streets of New York City and get connected with the fun, joy and wonder that can be found if you are open and willing to say “YES!” when life invites you to dance!

Attention: Practical people longing to experience the magic of life.

  Hey gang!  I wanted to share about the exciting program I have launching June 2nd .    It is called the Make Your Life Program™ and it is designed to guide you in becoming someone that powerfully brings your dreams into reality, someone that deeply loves your life and someone that is having a […]