What If You Could Live A Radiant Magical Life?

Hi Gang!   Last week things felt a little heavy.   After years of being a coach I know that a little heaviness is OK. I do not have to be over-the-moon happy every second of the day and, as my mother says, “this too shall pass”.   It wasn’t anything particularly dramatic – I […]

Living To Your Highest Ideals: The Integrity Experiment

HI guys!   Last week was full of milestones.  Not only did I turn 38 but I also had the opportunity to complete two decades as a full-on contributing “adult” by attending my 20 year high school reunion.    Facing the people from high school was in many ways a last frontier for me.  I think […]

How To Get Out Of The Gloom: Clouds In My Living Room

Hi Guys!     Did you know I possess an amazing superpower?!   That’s right, I, Joelle Prochera can create clouds in my living room!!!   Let me elaborate.  Have you ever had a time in life when everything just seemed a little dimmer, when the colors were less bright and life seems somehow distant […]

Feeling A Little Stressed? Take A 5-Minute Video Break for 5 Fun and Fast Tips For A Less Stressed You!

Hi guys,   Just in case you are one of those people who has stress in your lives (A.K.A. you are a human being)… here is a little something to help unload your work week pressures and get you chilled-out for a fabulous weekend.   STRESS, we all have it, it’s a part of life, however, I think […]

Coach Joelle Caribbean Adventures Chapter 1

Hello everyone,   As I mentioned in my newsletter, one of the best things about going on vacation is coming home. It is great to be home from my 10 day Caribbean vacation and I cannot imagine this winter if we had not had it.   When I vacation, or travel or do just about […]