Are you willing to go “all the way” to have the life you’ve imagined?

As human beings, we are pretty remarkable. Almost anything we can dream up we can create in our lives, but (and there‚Äôs a BIG BUT) it is going to take something. Great lives do not come from sitting around and numbing to the TV and great change does not come from being comfortable and doing what you have always done. Are you willing to go beyond fear, beyond discomfort, beyond what you know, to have that thing, experience, or accomplishment you have imagined in your life. Coach Joelle wants to know “Are you willing to go all the way?”

Boston was Revolting!

  That’s right, around 1773 a group of American colonists protested against the British government by throwing a bunch of tea into the Boston harbor, which is said to have sparked the American Revolution and this weekend I got to participate in its re-enactment (A.K.A. the Boston Tea Party) aboard a tall sailing ship in […]

My Adventure in the Spotlight!

Some of you may be aware that a few months ago I had the opportunity to audition to host a reality coaching show in Canada.  When it all came about there was a frenzy of creativity, collaboration and very tight deadlines for me to get the production company a video that represented what I was […]